A Dreamer Shot Down


A dreamer shot down, is like a horrible sound…

An anchored woman,

Her fin tail flappin’-

Her scales upon, her glowing blue fin-

Her caress along, his hand, and arm-

Her eyes twinkled, her

Pupils a ‘star’d-

Her body flowing;

Her kiss in his,

Her salivation, an endless stream-

The ocean a’ circled around,

And abound-

The love is abound, like

The ocean is round-

Her hair of fairest brown,

Her freckles lost;

Her tail fin vanishing,

Her body diminishing-

Her smile invisible, as her ship is


As if never existing;

For this is what happens, when

A dreamer is shot down-

He drowns at sea, and is never to be found.

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014

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