Bee Wings Change



Bee wings change, from insect into bat wings-

From merry little songs, into cries from the wyvern-

For bees carry away; humans into slaves-

Then chews them up, and spits them out-

Bee jaws chewing, and as mercy without-

For their screams, turn into shouts-

For bees wear ski masks, to ransack the house-

And queen bees scheme, like queen bee fiends-

Wearing denim jeans-

Rebels are thee-

A thousand bees buzzing, are like a thousand bees cussing-

Mean bee words, a million times heard-

Stripes black around; stingers of the sound-

Rear ends of hurt, stingers at work-

And with yellow fur all over; hairy-like beasts, each preparing themselves,

 For the human flesh feast-

Bees unlocking their souls, straight into beasts…

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014


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