Robot’s for Implants


Bots are like robots, squeaking with the sound;

clicking and ticking robot noises, a verb with nay a noun-

cause bots go in, and come out with skin;

skin is used for sac;

and just like meat tossed to the dogs, your nay to ever get it back-

and robot sounds, the feast of bones, chewing like a chewer;

a revolver echoes, like shots brought forth;

the echoes of a shooter-

and it is here, that bots know best, what to do with themselves next;

and lady bots, too! Without their shoes, and boobies for their chest-

For robots wearing human skin, just like human thugs;

they snatch up dollars, lipo fat;

and drink greed from the jugs-

Poem’s meaning: It basically talks about greed, and people over

indulging in personal pleasures

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014


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