The Boats of Dishonor


The Boats of Dishonor are naughty little boats…!

When boat boys, float out in the sea, like duckies-

It calls for a camera, and a man saying “cheese”-

Big boy boats wear grown-up, big boy pants-

And gets patted on the back, by hands and hands-

But boats of dishonor, the ones that like to shout-

Get the switch pulled out, and get their tail spanked out-

Because the boats of dishonor, are naughty little boats-

The ones that pull out pipes, like cigarettes they use to smoke-

With dope on board, as if a sailing pharmacy-

Sneaky little boats, that prefer to hide their weed-

Boats of dishonor stay just where they are-

Boats with tommy guns, meant to do harm-

Boats of dishonor like demolition derbies;

They see little children, and then flip them the “birdy”-

Boats that like sushi, gets lots of “kudos”

But not these boats;

 These boats like noodles-

For bad boat girls, like sailor girls-

Are right on the deck;

Drunk ladies that hurl-

And big bad boat boys say “What you lookin’ at”

And big bad boat boys prefer wearing “pimp hats”-

Boats that like to swing, swing themselves on right-

But boats of dishonor hide their skeletons from the light-

Sneakiest boats, traveling at night-

Looking for a fight-

And so keep your eyes peeled, and stay on the open yonder-

Or you might just yield-

Unto the boats of dishonor..!

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014

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