The Cat with a Bat



There once was a cat, that had brought along a bat-

With pure intentions nothing more, then to bash and to smash-

For he smashed up things, and bashed up things-

As his horrible teeth did grind and clinch-

From glass to wood, he smashed them good-

And batted up things, without a hitch-

Carrying wood, used to punish-

He went to the fish bowl, and smashed up the fish-

Little tiny splinters made up nicely, and off the fiend’s tongue, were the words “Smashy Smashy!”

Then the time came, when the cat went insane, and brought along

Two buddies: Fiend 1, and Fiend 2,

As they smashed up the rooms-

The fiend named “1” batted up the sun, and the fiend named “2” turned straight into a fool-

As he sat there, and drooled and drooled-

When all were done, the cat hurled up a doom ball-

As a sign of things to be broken, for hats, shoes, and all-

Poem’s Meaning: Actually refers to organized crime, and how gangsters used extortion methods to take control over people.

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014

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