The Uninvited


My dove is like a light, guiding me into;

the light at the very tip of, and tip down to the shoes-

For she is like a flower, cloaked with bees;

and just like a dandelion, she is surrounded by weeds-

For men after men take her hand freely, as I am as a fool;

a jester that is doomed-

I watch, and see, her beauty alluring;

never to caress her; wasted are my wings;

never to feel the love of her, oh what a waste are my wings-

For her beauty, is as the lightning; smiting, and smiting;

like men on a waiting list, and this is but the ring-

And I am left to rot, in the name of her that I love;

For I am the uninvited one;

her fleeing light, the dove…

Poem’s Meaning: Talks about how some people can’t

get, or enjoy the things they love

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014


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