Worst for Wares


She looks out windows, like the blind looks out eyes;

and up and down the family oak tree, of which she doth despise-

her shoulders hunch and flex with her body, her teeth doth clench and grind;

her chin doth scrunch, her jawbone twitch, her house like a box for the mimes-

tired of redundance, is like tired of her husband;

the wrinkling of her forehead too; her fingers twitch and bend-

Because sneakers are as highest heels, tip-toeing aloft;

and high heels sneak past sleeping lips; used to frown and scoff-

her belly button like a door, toddlers hide behind;

and rear-ends too, just like pancakes;

just below the spine-

Poem’s Meaning: Talks about the resentment and tedium of an unhappy marriage

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014

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