Alone in Dim Light



An abandoned man forsaken,

Is like an abandoned,

In the closet man-

Because, like the saddest man,

In the loneliest world, is

Like a sad, abandoned,

In the closet man-

Praying forever, with tears in his eyes-

For a companion, with gold hair-

And gold for eyes-

Thus a lonely man, is almost never satisfied-

When alone-

That’s why he cries, in his soul-

Just this once, can he see-

Can he ever see?

Someone, meant for


And a shy man as well-

Is like a sad man that dwells;

Feeling alone unto the pit of his soul-

An in the closet man, with closed doors unlocked-

Just to be closed,

By his two bare hands-

For the loneliest man, is a virgin man-

An hour glass fading;

Sand falling through his hands-

And now the closet light is dim,

And drifts;

A restless sleep is he-

And the only one,

Who can save him, and-

Where oh where is she?

Poem’s Meaning: The “closet” refers to the passage in the bible,

in where God says “Pray in secret.” (Or in closet). It refers to lonely, single people who

are desperately seeking companionship. 

Copyrightcopyright March 22, 2014

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