The fate is now, the fate is a wow-

Cause destiny is a child;

A child of the how-

20 “g”’s and 40 “y”’s, to complete apple pies-

For pies are fate too-

Pumpkin trees, cupcake shoes-

Drinking milk straight from the ten buck twos-

One hand, 80 grams; equaling sand-

For sand is too much, for milkshakes with a hunch-

Hunching over-

His fate and over-

His fate, to roam as a roamer-

His shoes pointing up, like noodles in the sky-

For fate nowadays, is all but a fine-

Yes, a fine-

A fine yes…From out a police man’s very behind.

Poem’s Meaning: Talks about the trouble of cops giving people fines

Copyrightcopyright March 22, 2014

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