There was a sound, that covered over other sounds-

And my eyes looked up, and I fell to the ground. The glass all around me shattered,

And joined with me where I laid-

My hands became as skin and bones, weakened, as they held out the sound, away from my ears-

A horrible sound that shattered the Earth, it covered over from all over, like a horrible tidal wave, as it whispered “forevermore”.

An infinite wave of noise, never to end, never to still-

A sound with eyes, a beak, and gills-

A sound that can’t be blinded, plucked, or drowned out-

It shook the bones, and blanketed the deep-

The very sound of my own mind-

Thoughts that scrape-

And claw their way out-

Forevermore to shout-

And to devour itself…

Poem’s Meaning: Refers to people that are schizophrenic, or mentally ill,

and how they struggle with their illness.

Copyrightcopyright March 22, 2014


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