The Feeding Machine



When the sick;

Attached to robots, are all that’s left-

You might as well say, that the sick, are finished-

For robots choose to consume you, bones and all-

Robot doctors, amputating limbs, with saws-

All one’s faith, thrusted upon a damndable bot-

Is like putting all one’s faith, upon a bullet’s final shot-

For the soul stealers, are little more than fiends-

Hidden inside bots;

Metal flesh and its gleam-

Apparatus soldiers taking over-

The slaughter of humans;

Bodies hitting pavement-

All on a count of the robots of enslavement-

And just like red beams, without sympathy from their eyes-

The coldest stare, upon empty despair-

Feeding like cannibals- they devour our children-

They force us to submit, unto our very own demise-

For to “crash” is but to mock-

Mankind made a fool out of;

Every single one-

The laptops, and taking us straight unto the chopping blocks-

Working in units; computerized centuri-

Making dopes out of generations, for centuries-

The cold, harsh ears, without mercy for our screams-

Because a gamer, with an ipad, is a modern day dope fiend-

Looking to submit, unto things he feels he needs-

Nay to realize that in his hands,

Lies a metal soul thief…

Copyrightcopyright March 22, 2014


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