The Darkness


There once was a kingdom, that knew the light, and it gave

off a shine that was awfully bright. For it came from a kingdom, that knew the fun, that sprinkled rays as wide as the sun. And it sounded out a horn, that blowed and blowed, for this the kingdom of light did know what was told. Then The Darkness that whispered inside a marsh, gripping horror stories that had flowed in the dark. For they huddled around and made their lunch, on butterflies they would munch, munch, and munch! And they crushed all flowers, so pretty like candles, as all around that knew, did fear and tremble. But the light that had spawned from out of the kingdom, a light that shined, as it hummed and hummed. A glowing luminous that sparkled around, with mud that was brown in the marshes that were found. And they came without warning, the shadows all around, and the one that they called, wore The Darkness Crown. The king of the light made it bright all around, as a silent humming sound made it’s way toward the clouds. Then the age of war that which had come, made candles burn around, just as quickly as it begun.

There were shadows all around everyone at this town, and loud booming

noises met every door with a pound. “The Darkness is here!” everyone did scream, as the black crashed in circles, and the light was all they had seen. As houses began decay, and light found a way, the sky of The Darkness had stayed that whole day. The Darkness walked around, with pointy hats like a gnome’s, and butterflies had burned, in the name of the death tone. But the light did a gasp, that had thrown in claps, with pointy-eareds’  everywhere, and armored hunched backs. And the twisting of the grass, into darkness that had laid, with chicken bones rattling, and the ghosts that were made..! And people chose their sides, whose left, whose right; knocking down the light, in the name of the blight…Or were you as bright as the moonlight? Casting fireballs at The Darkness in the skies??? But playing your cards right, could as well get you dead, even if you’re two feet away, from cowering in your bed. And so the light formed a ball, that was as large as three dogs, until out of the brightness came a man with one jaw. With a jolly smile that appeared from his lips, came a serpent that had wings, as it did seventy flips! And where he had stood, drew in the light into his crown; a blast so heavy that it made pot holes in the town. And with the children very much near, it took the light by the neck up, and crushed it with a thud. Then the light, closest to the women, made a screeching sound, highest of high bodies flew through the air; most of them dead, with mostly broken necks…Or possibly broken heads.

But The Darkness didn’t stop, not until it was champion, as you can see, it slain everyone that breathed. And the lightness wouldn’t cease, until fiends were released, as it’s light did blind everyone toward the east. Then the day that had came, when the hundred year old war was over, all light and darkness gave their pats on the shoulders…But with the trail of dead bodies all around on the ground, was it truly worth it, for what all war has found?

Story’s Moral: War brings many casualties, and tends to do more harm

to people and the land then good. 

Copyrightcopyright March 24, 2014


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