The Man that Changed


Following behind him, as if his shadow;

I watched, and as I did, his very brows narrowed-

I saw his eyes draw bags under them;

Each and every corner of his bluest eyes, changed as though it were a disguise-

His eyes, now piercing and burning with fire;

Any and every so thing he desired-

And with each of his two limbs, his footsteps hit the ground;

With a murmuring sound, as he coughed aloud-

His hair unraveled, as two strands stood up;

side-by-side, as though they were horns-

As I followed, he grunted, and paced back and forth;

Looking at me, then looking at his sword-

Then shaking his head “no” then nodding it “yes” at the very same time;

With his skull like a prison, and his conscience, losing it’s mind-

I watched the man change, from a knight into the night;

His very soul, like a moth, and now coming into light-

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014


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