The Mother of Blood


She opens her arms, with talons at the end;

floating off of the ground of descent-

She whistles a tune, and warms the bones;

with cheek bones prominent, and hard as stone-

flowing blood, without her soul;

her glowing white teeth, sharpened underneath-

she devours blood as wine, she provides the feast-

her hug, like a fire that comforts the bones;

finger nails sharp, and as black as chimney’s coal-

blades like teeth, protruding from out;

she quells the anguish, she calms the shouts-

her darkened wings breeze away all harm;

eyes like red glass, and shinning like shards-

she washes away mud, and embraces with a hug;

Mother of Blood, Mother of Blood-

Poem’s Meaning: Shows in where some things might seem to be good, 

in reality, they’re really not.

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014

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