The Trials of Cascadia: Epilogue


Before there was peace, there was war; and war followed after war.

Once upon a time, there was the Kingdom of Cascadia. They were the legend that was, the legend that lived, and the legend that was to perish. They were the kingdom, worthy of song, and heralded around as shield brothers in arms. Men and women each, brothers to brothers, sisters by sisters, held mighty shields, indestructible to magic, arrow, and sword; crossbow, dagger, or charging horde. They brandished swords, made and constructed from the cresenta stone, that could not be purged, hexed, or cursed. Though they were of a few soldiers, they each held a power, that revered them into the book of legends. Each Cascadian, wore golden armor that shined with the sunlight over them. It could not be pierced, broken, or stopped, as it rendered every single Cascadian, sons and daughters, invincible forever.

Forward Cascadia!!!

Forward Cascadia!!!

The Cascadians lived in the kingdom of Druid, right in the center of the Middle Lands. The middle lands had a king, King Druid, and his son, Prince Elizar, but the order of Cascadia had another defining feature to them. They served no king. No ruler, no leader, and despised monarchy. Instead, they had commanders, 4 or so of them, that would use the majority of a Cascadian’s vote to decide their response to some situations. Though the Cascadians and the king were of great allies, both the Cascadians and the king of Druid sought to create a kingdom, free of their predecessors: the Imperials, where slavery was illegal, and people were not harshly treated based upon their class, or wealth; where the poor can wander into the rich, and the rich into the poor, where stores offered people a chance at a greater wealth, without any restrictions. The kingdom of Cascadia moreover, also sought to end all form of monarchy, and seldom tolerated the strong presence of a popular aristocrat. Sometimes the Cascadian’s methods created tensions between the king and the soldiers, but at other times, the support that they had with the king, would see them through their most difficult times.

It is said, that the sight of a Cascadian soldier’s red scarf, and impeccable golden armor would spread it’s radiance, across the face of this world, for many more years, then they may come to realize…

Copyrightcopyright March 29, 2014

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