The Darker


Shadows reign down, without a sound;

a fight to the death in the dark.

Blindness worn, as a gown;

and nay of beating heart.

There was a shadow, behind a boy,

growing within height-

Come now child, don’t be coy;

you can’t hide sin from light.

For deep way down, in the pit-

you can hear the screams;

it grants the foolish, a smearing kiss-

and nightmares like a dream.

And even darker, and darker still;

death doth dance in waltz-

blackened, it’s inevitable will;

and fires like a bolt.

And deep way down, in your heart;

your eyes are opened wide-

darkness lurking like a shark, through horrors made realized.

For underneath of every hearse, lies a corpse like you;

devoured by the darkest curse, and dragged down to their doom.

So for every light behind your back, fear is in front of view;

It bares a warning, from shadows black-

reflecting the evil in you..!

Copyrightcopyright April 1, 2014

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