The Trials of Cascadia: The Dark Ages (Chapter 3)



Chapter 3

Off Mead and Laziness


Balton took to his third bottle of mead, at the darkened tavern. He gulped down the mead’s liquids, and then fell down onto the cold hard floor, unconscious, as the whole tavern around him fell into darkness. While he was unconscious, Balton began to see a vision. There was a yellow field of sunflowers, amongst a dry cornfield. The atmosphere was vivid, but yet at the same time, everything around was bleak, and ashen, almost as if the sunflower field was the only thing of color. There was a woman with long flowing golden hair, as she seemed to glow where she stood. There was also a strange whistling noise that echoed all throughout the air, it blended into the scenery so truly, that it seemed to take Balton almost a lifetime to realize, that the whistling was coming from the woman. The woman began to twirl, but at the same time, the woman was standing motionlessly still, almost as if she were both full of life, and void of it as well, she wore a sparkling white dress. When the woman would twirl, her face would show up blurry, or featureless, and as she stood, her flowing golden hair would eerily cover over her facial features. Balton suddenly awoke from out of his drunken slumber, only to turn, and see a whistling man, in a brown get-up sitting down at the bar, enjoying a cold tall glass of beer. As Balton’s head slowly turned away, his heavy eyes placed him leisurely back into darkness, as he blacked out again. Balton’s conciseness faded in and out with the real world around him as he looked up into the ceiling. He suddenly began to see a strange, hazy glow, with an image of what almost looked like an angel, radiating over him. As Balton’s eyes squinted to make sense of it, he noticed that the image had a hint of purple to it; the angelic image’s violet hue had flooded it’s face, and it’s hair looked as white as snow. “Wake up silly!” the angel’s voice went, “What are you doing lying on the floor?” Balton’s vision had slowly started to return, as he realized that the “angelic image” was only coming from his friend, Atausha Neleck; her white hair radiated from off of the lighting around her, and her youthful red eyes glowed like blood diamonds. Atausha, like Balton, was a dark elf; both of them sharing in their purple-like skin tone, as their red eyes were custom to the dark elves entire elven race.

Balton, still sloshed from his fill of mead, purred as he tried his best to hoist himself up, “You are so pretty.” Balton groggily murmured. Atausha’s eyebrow rose, “You’re drunk again.” She said. Balton began to slowly reach his hand for his friend’s buxom, but suddenly dropped it when Atausha struck it away. The tingling in his hand quickly brought Balton back to himself, as he looked around with a perplexed look on his face. Atausha’s risen eyebrow remained, as Balton took out his mead filled canteen, and hurriedly sipped it down, his eyes widening, and his sweat staining his hair, “Have you seen my little brother?” he went. Atausha put her hands on her hips, “He’s right where you left him, at his friend’s house.” Balton quickly got up, the aura around him suddenly began to glow white, as it illuminated the tavern, and within seconds, Balton’s supersonic speeds carried him through the door and outside! Balton’s powers of fast speed got him to the door of his brother’s friend’s house in just 4 seconds, as he felt his legs go warm from his running speed. He knocked on the door, and just as soon as somebody had opened the door from inside, Balton rushed inside, and got his little brother, Belton, “Come with me little bro!” Balton said, “We’re going to have the night out.” And with that, they both ran out of the house together, and straight for the tavern at blinding speeds! Atausha let out a gasp, as the wind and dust from the two brothers stopping blew into her face. Belton smiled joyfully at Atausha, as Balton let out a naughty grin, slowly forgetting what had transpired with the dream he had, in fact, he even forgot why he came to the tavern in the first place! Balton suddenly released Belton’s hands, and ran back inside of the tavern, leaving his friend and his brother alone, as he rushed to the bar, “Give me some mead to go!” Balton hastily blurted out; the whites of his eyes bloodshot red from his sudden alcohol withdraw. The bar tender began filling up Balton’s three canteens right there on the spot, as the 17 year old drunkard slurped down one of his canteen’s liquor entirely, it was almost like he had pulled a disappearing act on whatever fluids was inside of it! Atausha loved to raise her eyebrow at all of the things she saw Balton do, it was as if she had resented all of it, but appreciated him for who he was, regardless of what he was starting to become. Atausha was Balton’s best friend, next to his father, of which had suspiciously disappeared long ago. Balton’s mother had passed away from illness, and it was said, that his father was never quite himself after her death… Atausha also loved how Balton had made it his life to protect his little brother Belton from harm. She was a young maiden of only 19 years, yet she was full of vigor; and wisdom. Though both Balton and his brother possessed the same power of super speed, nobody knew how or where their powers came to be. When Balton rushed out of the tavern, he let out a warming smile for both his brother and his friend to see, and it was almost like his smile shined it’s rays faster than the very sunlight outside could hit it.

Copyrightcopyright April 2, 2014

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    • Hey buddy! Thank you so much for your comment, I hope to one day make my story into a book, perhaps even a movie..! wish me luck! And remember to let your friends know about me, there’s more stories and poems to come where that came from! And good luck to you to. 🙂

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