The Trials of Cascadia: The Dark Ages (Chapter 5)



Chapter 5

The Nothingness Man

After Eade had discovered the horrors of his only daughter’s death, he began to change. Friends, family, they’d all be damned for what Eade was slowly becoming… Eade began to distance himself from everyone he knew. He began to lose trust in people; “What if they know what happened?” and “What if THEY did it..?!” Were all the thoughts that seemed to engulf Eade’s mind, at times he thought so heavily, what if even he, had something to do with his daughter’s murder..? He even stopped going to church, fearing that the cathedral and all of the people inside had something to do with her death. She was discovered nailed to the outside of the Catholic Church. How could somebody do an act such as this one, and nobody there know about it? At times Eade would pray heavily, and at other times, he would refuse to pray any at all. There were times, when his own wife would act suspiciously, like she knew something more about his daughter’s death. As Eade would pick up on it, both him and her would get into shouting matches. Eade would pay a visit to the loneliest tavern in the world, and share a couple of rum drinks with fellow Balton; as Balton would giggle and laugh with his mead… Eade would weep in anguish with his.

Eade started to distance himself from his duties as a captain of the guard, in order to free up space, for hunting down his daughter’s killer. Vengeance, was all that ran through Eade’s mind, and it was almost like Eade was slowly but surely, falling into darkness…

The fellow guard captain had started asking all around if anybody knew anything about his daughter’s murder. The cathedral was in the rich part of druid, and despite the chapel having their own section in the kingdom, he based most of his interrogations in the areas around the church. After many hours into the smallest hours of the morning, Eade went back to the Druid Castle, empty handed of anything that could help shed light on his investigation. As Eade stood motionless, staring over the castle’s walls, another captain of the guard named Maxmont, came and approached him, “Listen,” the fellow captain said, “I know how you must be feeling, I lost a sister in my family… But I will help you find your daughter’s murderer, whatever it takes.” Eade’s blue eyes turned with his head, and seemed to pierce straight through Maxmont, as he listened to him speak, “I will have my men ask around the city as well.” “Thanks.” Eade’s cold voice began, “…But you don’t know how I feel… Do you?” Maxmont frowned even more at Eade’s response to him, “Do you have a clue on how it feels to see your daughter like that?! My daughter dangled on that cathedral with her arms to the side like Jesus! And people all over the place think I’m some kind of fool for it! They think it’s a game?!?”

“I only wish to help-

I don’t NEED help!” Eade snapped, “I need vengeance! I’ll never see my own daughter again! So what can YOU do?! HUH? I don’t even know what “justice” is anymore…”

Maxmont’s heart ached for Eade “It might be difficult” Maxmont went, “But perhaps you should see if the people in the undercroft can shed some light on her murder.” Eade’s eyes widened, in a terrifying way, as droplets of sweat from his hand came crashing down like a downpour onto the ground “…And now they want me to see her corpse again? Like it’ll never end!” “My friend, we don’t want it to end in vain.” There was a pause, and Eade’s eyes as if loosened their grip on Maxmont, as he slowly turned away to look out into nothing. “I’ll keep you posted in what I find.” After Hearing what Maxmont had to say, Eade left for the undercroft, “Don’t lose heart, Eade!” Maxmont yelled out behind Eade; but Eade’s shoulders were like a brick wall, blocking out anything that could breech through.

The undercroft was a cold, and yet secured place, the walls inside seemed to be in a way that people could use to take cover from firing arrows, and Eade, was like a wall that moved, to expose anybody hiding from behind him. There were two priests, that stood over a newly made corpse that lay on the table; Eade’s eyes locked when he saw that the corpse was his daughter. The two priests tried their best not to look at Eade so strongly, as this created a long, horrible pause, that overtook the room in agony. “…I want to know what happened to my daughter.”

‘My lord…” One of the priests said, still looking down at the ground “It may comfort you to know not what transpired to her-

I WANNA KNOW SOMETHING!!” Eade shouted at the top of his lungs, giving off a side of him, that had never been seen before, “You KNOW something! You think it’s funny?!”

“Sir Eade, I promise you we do not find this funny-

You think it’s a GAME!!!”

No my lord, we do not think this is a game-

“Then why do you smile?” The frowning priests looked at each other, baffled at Eade’s comments, “We have never smiled once, my lord-

“You smile like a BITCH!!!”

Both of the priests let out a gasp, as the room fell so silent, that only heartbeats could be heard; even Eade couldn’t believe, how what words flew from his mouth. “You must find a center in what you do.” One of the priests went, “And learn to find forgiveness..!” Eade tried to speak, but his words jumbled together illegible, “People, shall fall into darkness without it..!”

The pause that was before, had returned to the room in a way, that rose the hairs on their bodies “…What happened to my daughter?” Eade slowly calmed himself to say. “By what little we have seen, “the priests began, “We have discovered that some force had taken way with her; she has bruising, in many places-

“They raped her. So that’s what you’re saying?” one of the priests turned there gaze to the ground, as the other looked forward at Eade, “ We cannot confirm, but it would seem as though that something as such might have transpired…” Eade stood silent, looking into everything, and seeing nothing. “This crime,” one of the priests began, “It…God, sees our struggles. He will not abandon you.” Eade looked up, “But my son, we. Must. Find. Forgiveness.” “I thank you.” Eade went, “But that is a road, I must follow my own way.”

The two priests gave a mournful look as Eade left the undercroft.

Two weeks have past, since Eade had went to the undercroft, as his heart still burned quite fresh with anger, and anguish. He was so consumed with finding out his daughter’s murderer, that he would aimlessly wander around all parts of the town, looking without seeing what he wanted to see… Then one faithful day, as Eade was walking around the poorer district of town, he was met by a warming smile that had approached him. The smile’s rays shined from Maxmont’s very teeth. Eade looked up, and frowned at Maxmont’s bright grin, “My friend, I have news that may assist you further in your pursuit of this scoundrel.” “I told you, if you don’t have a sharp sword, you can’t help me.” Eade said.

“I only have hearsay Eade, I should be patrolling GoldYork of this town… But I hastened to find and tell you, I think the murderer has a brother.”

Eade’s eyes widened, “A brother? Where?” “They say that your daughter’s murderer had a brother named “O’l Tall Eyes” “…O’l Tall Eyes?” Eade questioned. “That is all that they tell me, I am still looking into it. O’l Tall Eyes lives here near the book store.” “I guess I’ll be doing some reading.” Eade said as he began to march off. “Whoa, hold on friend… I would seek to assist you, but I must return to my post.” “Just tell me where, and I’ll go there myself.” “But you must understand, I can’t leave my post just yet.” “Fine. I’ll leave mine.” “But you can’t leave either!” “I have to do this, Maxmont. You can go back to your post.” “If you would only wait until I am free in four hours, me and my men could get a search warrant from the king, then we can all go there.” “I. Don’t. Wait!” Eade snapped, “Not while there’s a killer on the loose!” “Sir Eade, it is illegal for a knight to search a house, without the king’s consent! The king won’t aid you so easily in regards to you committing a crime..! But in four or so hours-

“If I recall, the king doesn’t have a daughter anymore! You know why? Because she’s GONE! I’m not waiting until this bastards’ gone!”

Maxmont frowned with pity at Eade “Well I will try to do what I can. But I am forbidden to leave my post. I came here without permission. Eade paused, his ears trying their best to block out Maxmont’s voice, “Is that not forbidden? I remember being a Cascadian. What would they say, if you left your post?”

Maxmont went his way, leaving Eade to stand alone. As Eade lifted his head, he began to go forward, in search of what he only knew little of.   

Copyrightcopyright April 5, 2014   

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