The Trials of Cascadia: The Dark Ages (Chapter 4)


O’l Knife Point

Chapter 4


O’l Knife Point stared into the reflection in the mirror. His hands caressed

the coldest water, as he spilled his face into it. He lifted his head, and a horrible grin, spawned from out of the corners of his mouth. It was a sunny day, and two young women were walking together, when one of them noticed a beautiful brown horse being catered to by a man and his chariot. They stopped near the man, as they marveled the stallion; it had the most beautiful rounded brown eyes that had ever been spawned, as the man grinned. The man studied the two women, almost as much as the two women studied the horse. “I love your horse.” One of the girls said. The man threw back his dark green hair, and smiled “His name is Brownie.” The man said, “I’ve had him for years now, go ahead and pet him.” As the two women began to pet and rub the horse, one of them noticed out of the corner of her eyes, the chariot caboose that had stood silent in front of her. The woman marveled at how posh it was; gold trimming, fine woodwork, she adored how sturdy and strong it stood aloft. As she tilted her head, to look at the sides of it, she noticed a small purple etching that coated itself in silence in the wood. “Is this yours?” the woman said. The man grinned “Why yes, it is… Tell me, what is your name?” “Leana.” She said.

The man looked deep into the woman’s eyes; it was almost as if the corneas of his very eyes were like daggers, piercing into flesh “I’ll tell you what, I’m going home to feed Brownie, how about you two girls take a ride with me? You can ride in the chariot, and see all of my other animals, and afterwards, I’ll take you home?” Leana’s friend’s eyes widen in excitemeant, while Leana’s brow frowned “But first,” the man continued, “You have to guess what my favorite color is.” Both of the two young women scratched their heads “Uhhh…Blue??” Leana’s friend clumsily muttered. The man playfully shook his head “…Purple?” Leana innocently smiled. Suddenly, there was a long pause that had come from the man, his eyes widened as his hands twitched awkwardly “N-no…” he quickly spoke, his cheek bones twitched as he released a nervous smile. As Leana’s friend pondered, a big giddy smile smeared itself across her face, as she looked at the man’s green hair “Green!” she said. “Yes! You got it!” the man laughed out loud, “Come onto my chariot you two!” Leana’s friend eagerly went into the chariot, “Come on Leana! You gotta see how gorgeous it is in here!” Leana let out a smile, as she slowly got into the chariot, and closed the door to it behind her. Something strange had come over Leana, it was almost as if her mind were telling her that she was doing something wrong… The man took hold of a sinister grin that he kept hidden from the two young women’s view, as he climbed onto the chariot, “All aboard!” Leana felt the wooden coach took off, with the two of them inside.

As the chariot took the scenic roots, Leana smiled, admiring the beautiful trees, enjoying the wildlife, as the stagecoach took them passed a small gathering of deer. The skies were blue, and there was a strange mist, that cloaked itself in air, all around her as she sit comfortably within the chariot, her hand stretched out of the window, feeling every bit of the world’s cold and pleasant breeze. The chariot took a corner, and turned near a huge beautiful farmland “Here we are!” the man giggled to the women. As the chariot stopped, the two girls got out “WOW!” Leana’s friend went, “Leana?” went the man as he unhooked his horse from the chariot; a move, none of the two women seemed to notice, “Could you take Brownie into the farm house?” Leana reached her hand, but hesitated; something didn’t feel right… “I promise, he’s a friendly horse.” “HOW MANY HORSES DO YOU OWN???” Leana’s friend went, the loudness of her voice seemed to irritate the man’s very ears, as he tried his best to keep his awkward grin “I own five horses.” The man’s eyelids twitched in frustration to the sound of Leana’s friend, yet again, straining her curious voice to talk “DO YOU HAVE PIGS???” she wailed again “…Why, yes. I have pigs.” As Leana’s friend continued to hose down more and more questions for the man to ask, Leana took the horse Brownie, and lead him into the farmhouse, and out of view. The man flickered his eyes to the farmhouse, and the awkward grin that had so sprawled itself across his face…Had dissipated. Leana’s friend then studied the sides of the chariot, her eyes finally wondered until they noticed the same emblem that Leana noticed scraped deep into the side of the chariot. “SAY, IS THIS EMBLEM SUPPOSE TO BE DARK PURPLE??? OR IS IT BLACK?” Leana’s friend asked. There was no answer, as she turned around, to find a cruel knife, render the crimson from out her throat, as she fell to the ground, bleeding. The man marveled at the horrible sounds that gurgled and coughed out of Leana’s friend’s mouth as he stood there; he peered over her body, and whispered softly “It’s mauve…” The man’s green piercing eyes looked up at the farmhouse; his open mouth suddenly stretched a wicked grin from ear-to-ear, as he marched toward the farm house.

Leana noticed the horses, their calm demeanor suddenly changed, like a horrible revelation of the terrible shadow that loomed from afar, as she turned around. The man stood menacingly as his presence slightly startled Leana. She smiled, as she held her hands together nervously “I-I like your horses.” There was only a cold silence that seemed to drain the energy out of the barn; the man, his demonic presence grew with each silence that his ears heard “…Is there something wrong?” Leana’s voice twisted and tangled with the dark shadow that was looming over the room. Suddenly the dark figure started walking closer and closer toward Leana “Your beginning to scare me..!” Leana cried out. As the man got closer still, his evil grin grew from ear-to-ear, as there was a hint of light that reflected out of the man’s hands; it froze an image to reflect from out of Leana’s eyes, she frantically realized that the light was coming from a blood stained knife that the man held within his hand. Leana screamed, as she was grabbed and pushed against the thick pile of hay on the ground-

With one of her glass slippers falling off, revealing her bare foot! Leana screamed a scream, that could not be heard, as the man pinned her arms down, and began to take his way with her-

Laughing as he heard her gargling by way of cold hands being wrapped around her throat, watching Leana’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. As the silence was broken, all fell silent once again, leaving only the grunts of the horses in the farmhouse of horrors…

Copyrightcopyright April 5, 2014


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