Actor’s Kingdom


I was slain by the thief;

my corpse left in the dark-

I was murdered by the Aztecs, as I watched them take my heart;

 I froze in arctic waters, at the scene of the Titanic-

I was a  casualty at Pearl Harbor, on the day I watched them sank it-

I perished as a spartan, right in Persia’s deserts;

I went down in the inevitable blimp, of which they called “The Hindenburg”-

I was given the chair in August, on Friday the 13th;

I was the weeping stillbirth, after my mother’s child birthing-

I was the first of eons, in an actor’s graveyard;

I was the once revered star, in a grave that time forgot…

Copyrightcopyright April 13, 2014


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