Sentenced to War


Type the letters, like a typer of those letters;

t’is far too big, to be made into a header-

cause a gaped tooth person, with tongue through his teeth;

teeth with a back door;

escaping is their speech-

and what about skulls? Used to ram fat heads? I’ve seen that guy with helmets, man-

but that guy be dead..! For with each click from the clicking, a clickerajig is doth heard;

like donkeys with wings, do they bring in the herd-

just like a bearded bird, his body does he gird;

with sword in two hands-

the man’s daughter changes horribly, straight into Peter Pan;

her head shaking angrily, like the Loud Man’s Band;

screaming like dying hogs, for Custer’s Last Stand-

Copyrightcopyright April 14, 2014


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