The Knight and the Bee


Let me giggle a song for ye-

About a knight that wiggled, as he fought off The Impeccable Bee-

For a bee so large, it’s screeches were like screams-

The Impeccable Bee-

The knight took up arms, to sever six,

To turn into objects used to play Pick-up-Sticks-

With a mighty legendary sword used to quell the horde,

And to cut into slices, and to be cut unto the core-

The sword they called “The Servicle” was wielded by knight’s hands,

And with it’s magic never-ending, it’s glowing blue shine, and expanding-
The Impeccable Bee wielded the opposite,

He held “The Wicked Divider” glowing with evil as deposits-

And the fray was on, as the knight took off two,

In the charge, arms severed off at the glow of the sword’s blue-

And faces were cut against, by The Wicked Divider, by The Impeccable Bee,

And his evil red divider-

As the battle quelled hence, the knight’s sword sunk deep into the fiend’s chest,

As five arms were cut off in the midst of the knight crowned, relentless-

The knight gathered bee’s arms until he held an arm of bits,

And invented the game men now call “Pick-up-Sticks”

With the swords casted far away, and far away at last-

In the two voids men now call, the future and the past-

As the seeker of demise slithers around in search of,

searching for The Wicked Divider, drawn forever unto the evil that it deploys…

Stories Meaning: Persistence always wins over haste

Copyrightcopyright April 14, 2014


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