The Magician and The Wizard



Chilled, smooth, windy, cool;

Cold, icy, lake’s, pool-

Swingin jazz, like a jazz man swingin’;

as cool as a ship called “The Titanic” and sinking-

Cause oooh wap, dee doo lee doo, doop, doop, doop;

the masked magician tip-toes as he snoops-

the wizard off the tunes, slops up the goose juice-

boobadee boop, boop, and her belt disappeared;

Bipadee, bopadee, boo

bet she be back by 12-

there’s a wizard on the stage, came to go out in a blaze;

there’s a magic in the magician, and there’s magic in his ways-

there’s temptation, all around;

and nowhere is the sound…

Copyrightcopyright April 17, 2014


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