The Actor of Folly


I traversed along the valley of the silence, as every pit inside of me combined into a spiraling;

my hair is warped into spires; my heart, the water used to douse consuming fire-

I was the knight in gallant plating;

I was the damsel in need of aiding-

I was the glowing lune at night, and I was the fading shadow of light-

I lived with all my honor, yet died with all my might;

I was the ghost that warned, and the wreckage across the shore-

I was the sword they used, to ensnare the fall, fourscore;

I was the brick wall as fate;

and I was the closed locked door…

For an actor knows his ques, when to come onto stage;

knows when to hide away, knows when to flow as rage-

oh what folly of folly that is, a fool is as a clown;

for an actor is the king that reigns, and yet is nay of sound!

Copyrightcopyright April 19, 2014


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