Death on a Horse



Death on a Horse

Death on a Horse

Poison hath stricken!

Leaping to and fro!

thar be it a gleam’s glow;

coming forth with all haste, to go gather souls-

Cause it is time, the heart feels ill;

the flies have all gathered, amongst the window sill-

and clumsy was, as clumsy as can be;

from the head up and down, to the bottom of the knees-

SLASH! Thar goes the chin hairs clipped off;

BOOM! Thar ye be crashed into doom!

Death on a horse, just like a knight;

Doom with four limbs, to bring forth a terrible fright;

Coming forth with all speed, to snatch up life..!

Copyrightcopyright May 17, 2014


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