The Trials of Cascadia: The Dark Ages (Chapter 6)



Chapter 6

A Knife in the Dark


Eade marched his way toward the local bookstore, his right hand clenched, gripping the sweat that poured out of his palm. His brows narrowed as he wandered all around the outside of the bookstore, scouring every inch of the world around him. Eade looked for anything that would call out to him, and as he did, Maxmont’s voice echoed all throughout his conscience…It was like he had done something wrong that he regretted doing, even though he hadn’t done anything at all. Eade finally tried his best to still his heavily beating heart, just enough so that he could calmly go into the bookstore, and further ask for the possible whereabouts of his daughter’s would-be killer. He approached a store clerk inside the calm and elegant building, and listened well to every single word that poured from out of their mouth. “I think O’l Tall-Eyes lives at 7769 Goodwill Street.” The store clerk responded. “Thank you.” Eade went, “You be sure to stay as safe as you can…” Eade’s slanted smile crumbled away just as soon as he left the bookstore, and once again, his forehead poured sweat to rain down his very face, as his heavy heart beats returned again; every beat from his heart was like a dagger of light: with every insight he had learned to finding his daughter’s murderer, a horrible sharp pain would indeed follow thereafter. He approached the door to O’l Tall-Eye’s house; it was a blackened door of questionable mysteries, as a foreboding presence from it reflected itself back into the blue corneas of Eade’s very eyes… Eade wiped the sweat from off of his head; his cropped blonde hair teemed with it, as he reached a hand forth, and knocked on the door.

There were voices echoing inside the house, as their radiating noise became louder and louder…Suddenly, a wide shouldered man opened the door, and peered his great distasteful face from out of it, “What in the hell do you want?” the burly man went. The man paused as his terribly dim eyes adjusted focus onto Eade’s guard armor “Are you, O’l Tall-Eyes?” Eade said. “The man wore a very tight grey shirt that his muscles were too big for, and a crooked cigarette in his mouth that blew smoke into Eade’s face every time he breathed “Tall-Eyes? Whatcha looking for O’l Tall-Eyes for?” The man let out a crackle that was followed up by a series of blood curdling coughs and hacks. Eade leaned in close, with eyes that pierced like a serpents’, at the man “Are you O’l Tall-Eyes?” his cold stern voice went

“I’m not Tall-Eyes, I’m Gutless-the-Sky! What? You lookin’ for Tall-Eyes or somethin’?!”

“Where is Tall-Eyes?”

“Hmph, well he’s right here, inside the damn house!” Just then, there was another voice from inside the house that called out, “Who’s at the door, Sky?” it went

“IT’S SOME GUARD LOOKING TO GET HURT!” Gutless yelled back into the house. “Let me inside.” Eade went, trying hard to unclench his grinding teeth and calm himself. “Whoa there guy! Who says you can jus’ come in when you please?” “This ‘guy’, is captain of the guard. Now, I would appreciate it if you let me in. I got a…Call about a distress in the area.” “A distress? Well dis’ ain’t no church, captain! What you looking for Jesus or somethin’? You best look elsewheres’” “I’m not looking for a church!” Eade snapped, as his hand slowly started to move toward the hilt of his sheathed sword. Just then, a strange man came up to the door, “…Oh, it’s a guard!” the strange man went. “Are you, O’l Tall-Eyes?” went Eade.

“Yes, I’m O’l Tall-Eyes…Is there anything I can help you with officer?” Eade’s eyes widened as his heart beat faster, “I uh got a call about a distress… I must speak with you, is there a chance that I can come inside?”

“No way!” Gutless-the-Sky scoffed “Well sure, you can come in if you wish.” O’l Tall-Eyes went. Gutless-the-Sky growled deeper as Eade entered the dimly lit house; the fellow guard captain’s ears attuned to the cruel sound of the door shutting behind him… Eade wasted no time in looking around the house, as his eyes turned, looking left, right, up and down, while he paced back and forth. The house looked comfortable, and yet it seemed that the only odd thing about it was that it was dimly lit. “Oh excuse my house being dark.” O’l Tall-Eyes went, “I’m uh…Terrified of candles, you know?”

O’l Tall-Eyes and Gutless let out a barrage of snickers that flooded the air. “You said your name was O’l Tall-Eyes?” Eade went. “Yes sir, that’s me… Or at least that’s my real name, I mean I got a bunch of names! O’l O’ll’shbee, Bees’o’ls’bee, LobsterMan, O’l Quick Hand…Quick Hand O’ll’shbee, Lobster Quick Hand O’ll’shbee!!! Quick-

“I think I get the point.” Eade said as he frowned his brows, “I mean you name it!” O’l Tall-Eyes let out a joyful laugh; he wore a brown quilted shirt, and dark pants. He had a uniquely made face as well; his beady eyes were almost comically narrow, he had a widow’s peak in the front of his hair, a big long nose, and long stretched lips. While Gutless-the-Sky’s brutish and disagreeable stature seemed to reflect his very personality. “I must speak to you.” Eade went, “Is there a way that we can speak in private?”

O’l Tall-Eye’s contagious grin seemed cured against Eade’s tense and distressing face. “…Sure. Sure we can speak in private. Do you mind Gutless?” “Huh? Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Gutless-the-Sky cursed from under his breath, as he turned his back and went to the front of the house near the door. “Okay, so is there a problem…Officer?”

“Yes. There is a problem. I’m looking for a man that killed my daughter.”

 “Oh…Well I’m sorry to hear that.”

“He killed her.”

“Well I’d be glad to help in whatever way I can-

  “And then he hung her body to the cathedral walls…Like this,” Eade stretched both of his arms out, “Like a crucifix.”

“Gee, that must be hard to bear…”

 Eade’s eyes squinted as he tried his best to fight back tears, “…Who does that, Tall-Eyes? Who yanks an innocent soul from existence like that?!” O’l Tall-Eyes frowned woefully at Eade, “I guess a real prick would, that’s who.” “Yeah. A real prick… Right? He must have been…” Eade looked up toward the ceiling, then back down again, “You know what the worst part of it is, O’l Tall-Eyes?” “…No, what’s the worst part?”

“…Knowing that prick.”

There was a pause from O’l Tall-Eyes, as his eyes suddenly began to widen “They say things. All. The time, O’l Tall-Eyes. They whisper secrets, they spread rumors, and they do this all behind your back. I heard word, that you may know this killer, personally… Any truth to that?” O’l Tall-Eyes scratched his head, “I’m pretty popular… But I try my best not to hang out with murderers.” “No? What about any family members? Do you have any brothers, sisters…Brothers?” “I have a large family, officer-

No, no, my name is Eade. You can call me by my name.” “Oh, sorry Eade sir. I have a large family, which does include several brothers, four of them. Two of them live overseas.” “…What about the other two?”

“The only ones who live here are O’l Handlebar, and…!”

“…And?” “O’l…Greenleaf.” O’l Tall-Eyes’ hairs stood on ends, as his comfortable demeanor changed into an anxious one; Eade, had picked up on the change in his behavior. “You know O’l Tall-Eyes,” Eade continued, “This man, who killed my daughter. He didn’t just stop there with her.” “I…I think you might be looking for my brother O’l Greenleaf…” Eade stood silent, analyzing O’l Tall-Eyes’ behavior further, watching him shift his balance, scratch his chin, and frown his brows, “I need your help to stop him, Tall-Eyes…Because, this person, he’s going to do it again..!” “Eade, I would like to help, but I haven’t spoken to my brother in several months. I’m not sure where he could be, and I’m not sure if he even did this or not.” Eade said nothing as he looked down upon O’l Tall-Eyes in pity, and disgust. “…Well.” Eade began, “I want you to do something. I want you to stay away from O’l Green Leaf, because he’s a dangerous man. Instead, I would appreciate it, if you would help me catch him, by telling me what he looks like.” “I can’t throw my own brother under the gun like that officer.”-

“No, my name is Eade, you don’t have to address me as officer.”

“I’m sorry, Eade right?”

 “We can speak like two humans; you needn’t address me as an officer.” “Listen, my brother, he’s family you know? I don’t know what happened, or if he did this, or anything.” Eade gave one final pause that flooded the melancholy air all around him, “…Well, I want justice. Something tells me, you, want it too. So here is what I would like from you. Come down to the guard barracks, tell them what you know, and help me stop. This. Monster..! Before he strikes again.” O’l Tall-Eyes turned his gaze to the floor.

“When you wish to help, of course. I just hope that this killer doesn’t strike again before then… For now though, I am going to take my leave.” Eade began to make his way to the door, the inside of O’l Tall-Eyes home was illuminated by the many lamp lights outside, as the door opened and closed behind him. Eade looked toward his left, and saw Gutless-the-Sky smoking viciously on his cigarette. Gutless scrunched his angry face at Eade, and turned his head, muttering curse words from just underneath of his breath. Eade stood for a minute to look at Gutless, he noticed that Gutless’ chin had a deep scar on it. His eyes took in every ounce of the things around him, just before marching off into the distance; he had little leads, and littler info still to go by. As Eade wandered alone through the darkness around him, he held his miserable head low, fearing that he may never see redemption from his daughter’s cruel murder. Eade looked up, only to feel a sharp pain and a flash of movement toward his face, as he suddenly hit the ground! Immediately after, Eade felt another sharp pain to his stomach; somebody was attacking him! Eade tried his best to stand up, as his hands caught hold of a fist, bawled up and readying to strike him in the face again. As Eade’s eyes adjusted focus, he saw a hooded man, wearing black clothes from head-to-toe; his menacing glaring eyes revealed several scars across his face, “You do too much, Eade…!” Eade caught hold of both of the assailant’s hands, as they both strained to shove one another to the ground, “You cause us strife in our work, captain!” The hooded man echoed again; his forbidding voice almost crackling with laughter. “…O’l Greenleaf? “Eade groaned. “Yes. About Knifepoint…” Suddenly, the hooded man head-butted Eade in his face, and almost like a dragon with claws, the palm of his hand struck against Eade’s throat-

His left hand striking away Eade right. Eade tried his best to call for help, but the blow the hooded man gave to his throat made his voice go limp and weak, Eade saw a flash of the hooded man’s foot, just before it swooped under his leg, sending him for the ground! “Stay away from Knifepoint..! He plays this little game well.” “W-who are you..?!”Eade groaned “I, am the thing without fear, my friend!”

The hooded man stood over Eade, and delivered him several strikes to his face, as the blood trickled down as crimson onto the cruel pavement. Eade’s vision started to flicker as he fought to keep his consciousness, as the unending strikes and pummeling against his face hit him again and again, and it was almost as if the hooded assailant was invincible; he didn’t tire, he didn’t show mercy, he didn’t offer up his pity, as his evil shadowy grin stretched with the battle scars scrawled along his flesh. “I am offering you a warning to you, old man..!” The hooded assailant suddenly crackled; Eade saw his own blood, covered over the hooded man’s unkind hands, “Knifepoint gets spooked at fat cats roaming up behinds’ him..! The Thing Without Fear walks these streets with a terrible hatred… Understand?”

GO TO HELL!” Eade shouted at the top of his lungs. The hooded assailant lifted a finger to his lips, “Shhhhh…” The hooded man went. Eade watched the man bawl up his fist, and swing it toward him one more time, and then the world around him suddenly fell into darkness.

Copyrightcopyright June 18, 2014


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