O’l Tall-Eyes

Chapter 7

End of Brotherhood

O’l Tall-Eyes, had fallen into hard times… He was in a point in his life, in where he

was beginning to lose favor in the world. Every chance he would get, O’l Tall-Eyes would smoke cigarettes until his beady brown eyes would change their hue. O’l Tall-Eyes’ smoking habit had gotten worse, ever since his father, O’l Blue Eyes, had passed away… His father was like a hero to him, he was like the best friend that he swore by; both of them had the same odd shaped head, the same hair style, the same goofy looking face, same outstretched jaws, narrow long noses, and even the same narrow beady eyes. The only difference features, was his father’s signature sparkling blue eyes, which were said to have been so bright, that they could have be seen a mile away..! O’l Tall-Eyes remembered the time his father and his uncle, O’l Fat-Face, would lounge themselves in chairs, “Hey son!” his father would yell, “Don’t ever forget where you came from boy, your father was a hero, not some drunken lout!” Then O’l Blue-Eyes would scarf down a whole mug of ale in seconds without realizing it, and then he would say, “Hey! The hell my drink go? Did you drink my drink O’l Fat?” “No! You drank it!” O’l Fat-Face would respond. “Dammit I don’t drink that fast!” “…I tell you, your nothing but a fish, O’l Blue-Eyes, a fish!” O’l Tall-Eyes would watch and laugh the loudest he could, while his brother, O’l Green-Leaf, would let out a smirk…

O’l Tall-Eyes would let out a grin from time to time, but since his father’s death, he rarely laughed like he used to. His father was a hero to him…But he couldn’t understand; why does he feel so far away from becoming a hero himself, like his dad? His brother O’l Green-Leaf was supposed to be visiting him, but he still hadn’t shown up yet. Eade was a man, who was just trying to find justice, and his brother, was just a man trying to find himself, though his brother rarely told him about his day-to-day activities. O’l Tall-Eyes finally grew tired of waiting for his brother, and had decided to make his way toward the local tavern. He grinned softly at the fellow drunkards outside of the tavern, and when he went inside moreover, his eyes suddenly fixed upon, what perhaps may had been, the most beautiful sight he had ever beheld..! He saw a high elf woman, with long blonde hair, and glowing green eyes. Her yellow skin shimmered across her flesh…But she had looked as though she was in distress; her head rested on her wrist, as though she was about to cry. O’l Tall-Eyes stared at the woman in amazement, but his overwhelming joy made him oblivious to notice the high elf’s woeful state. He let out a playful smile that tingled across his face, as he went up to approach the woman, “Hey there.” he went. “What do you want?” the high elf woman went, her deep and alluring voice echoed throughout O’l Tall-Eyes’ ears, but the distress in her utterance had alerted him to recognize that she was woeful. “Oh no, no, I didn’t mean to impose! …May I, sit down here?” The high elf woman threw back her hair from out of her face, then looked at O’l Tall-Eyes; her eyes almost looking through him… “…Go ahead.”

Tall-Eyes sat down in the chair at her table, thinking about how gorgeous she was, “What’s your name kid?” he playfully went. The high elf sniffled as she narrowed her eyelids, “You wouldn’t like my name.”

O’l Tall-Eyes looked confused, “Why wouldn’t I like your name?” “It’s ugly…Like me.”

 O’l Tall-Eyes frowned, “No…You’re not ugly.” he said as he leaned in a little, “You’re beautiful, dollface.”

The high elf woman blushed as she smiled, with her face sparkling, and her green eyes glittering, “I… Don’t have a name.” she went. “Hmmm…No name huh? Hmmm…” Tall-Eyes smiled playfully as he scratched his chin, “That’s no good…Everybody should have a name, dollface..!” O’l Tall-Eyes’ face lit up, “Dollface…! How about I call you, Dollface? Yeah that’s it! Would you mind, if I called you that?” The High elf woman thought for a second, then smiled, “No.” she went, “I don’t mind.”

O’l Tall-Eyes let out a softer grin, that seemed to warm the woman’s bones, “…Will you, be here tomorrow?” Dollface’s eyes glittered, her deep voice echoing throughout Tall-Eyes’ ears, “Yes.”

O’l Tall-Eyes’ heart leaped inside of his chest, “And before you go asking.” Dollface went, “No, I don’t have a phone number.” “Awww,” O’l Tall-Eyes went, “Who needs phones anyway?”

“So you’ll just have to show up, and…Perhaps I’ll be here.” Dollface let out a devious smile that seemed to shine sharply against O’l Tall-Eyes’ face, “I’m always here.” He went, “…Uh, I mean, not always here, but…I, well, y-you take care of yourself now, Dollface…”

O’l Tall-Eyes gave Dollface a playful handshake, “And uh, no more tears, okay?” Dollface smiled joyfully at O’l Tall-Eyes’ comment, perhaps more joyfully, than she had ever smiled before. As O’l Tall-Eyes left the tavern, he left so excitedly, that he had forgotten to actually drink there!

“Tee hee!” O’l Tall-Eyes went, “I’ll never wash this hand again!” He skipped all the way home, with a grin on his face, even as he approached his front door. He stuck his key into the lock, and entered into his darkened house, and breathed in the mist that had coated itself all throughout it. He smiled earnestly for the first time in months as he turned his back toward the shadows of his home, only to find his breathing suddenly disrupted, as an arm from out of the darkness wrapped itself around his neck! O’l Tall-Eyes found himself struggling with an assailant, and gasping for air, until a cold, horrible voice eased itself menacingly, yet softly into his ear, “You betray me, brother…” …G-Green-Leaf?!” O’l Tall-Eyes gasped. “You tell the guards who I am, what I’ve done?!” No, w-what have you done?” O’l Greenleaf suddenly slammed his brother’s face against the wall, and drew him in back into a choke hold, “My NAME! It’s KNIFEPOINT!!!”

O’l Knifepoint turned his brother around, “You was GONE! YOU WAS GONE?! WHERE WAS YOU GOING?!” Knifepoint’s shouts vibrated all along the walls, “I was just at the tavern! What’s gotten into you?” “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” O’l Knifepoint screamed, he screamed so loud that slobber shot from out of his mouth, as he swung his fist at his brother’s face. O’l Knifepoint watched as his brother fell to the ground, and veins popped inhumanly from off of his neck, as he kicked his brother in his side “You can’t betray me, my brother betray me, but NOBODY betrays me!” Knifepoint rambled horribly. Suddenly, he heard a guard’s horn being blown outside just off in the distance. He looked at his brother, and heard his groans “YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMNED MIND??!” O’l Tall-Eyes shouted, he coughed and gagged, and slowly heard the door to his house shut softly, leaving him, alone in his dimly lit house.  

Copyrightcopyright June 21, 2014


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