Chapter 8

Back to Work

Gogius loved to drink. At times, he would drink so much, that he’d forget his own name, forget how to blink, and even forget how to properly sit down in a chair. With every ounce of ale he would consume, he would slowly start to forget about how much he worried for his childhood friend, Myn’wel. Gogius was so many things, everything he partook in he seemed to master; he was an impeccable archer, a skilled marksman, swordsman, and lifted axes into battle, like a blood letter. He even used to box when he was younger, winning him over hundreds of heavyweight titles, with only one single fight that he had lost once, only to fight and win in over 10 more renowned fights, including a rematch, before finally, yet reluctantly, retiring in order to achieve his dream of becoming a witch hunter, just like his grandfather before him. He used to work for the Elder Counsel, The Elderlores of the Outer Score, and the Veil’s Stretch, wizards that were well perverse in politics, and whom had dedicated themselves to maintaining a positive balance of magic all throughout the world, as the size of the kingdoms that they ruled over matched 2nd to the kingdom of Druid in regards to size and scope. Gogius was a slayer, he hunted witches, evil sorcerers, werewolves, ghosts, performed exorcisms on houses, and even people. He even hunted vampires, of which he hated the most from out of the category of creatures that he hunted; Gogius was also a talented woodsman; his hair was white, with a single braided strand in the front, his eyes glowed a white, that pierced through souls. He was a wood elf, and so his height wasn’t as high as the others around him, yet his body was muscular and fit, his long almost floppy ears lent him incredible hearing, and would often at times arch back like a horse’s when provoked, despite the fact that only a fool would seek to provoke him. Gogius was also a very wise, God fearing man, as he swore by the bible at all times, he knew when to act, knew when to speak, knew when to remain calm, and also knew how to fight…But Gogius knew how to drink heavy when nobody would notice, the most of all.

Gogius was sitting down at the bar, only just finishing up his second mug of ale, when a mysterious old man wearing an extravagant red robe with a red hood approached him. A glint of light struck the corner of Gogius’ eye, as he noticed that the old man, was an Elder. Gogius turned his head toward the man; it was custom for all of the Elderlore agents to wear red robes, of which symbolized Little Red Riding Hood’s “enduring quest for greater knowledge”. The heroine acted as a sort of mascot for the Outer Score agents, since they delved in obtaining knowledge and greater wisdom in magic; Gogius, knew them well… The Elder agent bore an elegant white beard, that seemed to glow as he approached Gogius; he stood there in the tavern, locking eyes with Gogius, and gave off a slight smile, “We need your help again, Gogius…” Gogius shifted his balance on his stool, and motioned with his hand for the Elder to come in closer. The Elder sat down at the bar next to Gogius, “We have enemies.” The Elderlord began, “It seems like they have returned for us yet again, old friend, and there is little else that we can do for it I’m afraid…” “I don’t work for free.” Gogius replied to him. “Oh come now! You know this isn’t about the gold, witch hunter.”  “Witches don’t hunt themselves.” “No, of course not!” Gogius slightly tilted his mug, catching the Elder’s glance at it, “My mug don’t fill itself.” Gogius turned away from the Elder, and raised his hand, “More drink, bar man!” The Elder watched, as the bartender went up to Gogius, and refilled his mug of beer; his face frowned in both curiosity, and pity. “…It’s Alandore Slaud, Gogius. He’s returned..!” “..? I knocked his block off, the last time I checked.” Gogius scoffed. “But Gogius, he’s returned!” Gogius took a sip out of his beer mug, “I’m not convinced that you came here just for me to deal with this one man.” “You’re right. Slaud has returned, more powerful than ever before…But, it’s Sharpness.” Gogius’ eyes went angry, as he turned away from the Elder again, “…What about Sharpness?” “He’s returned, Gogius.” There was a pause that made it seem as though that the Elder and Gogius were the only two people talking throughout the whole bar, “I’m not surprised, old friend. I told you, Sharpness is no good.” “He’s close upon treason, there are strong rumors that he’s forming a militia all throughout Vampire Town. He’s no longer to be trusted, a citizen of the town, or not!” “The only good vampire, is a killed one!” Gogius grunted, as he gulped down his mead’s liquids. “Come back to us, Gogius. We will explain more to you on the way…And, we will talk more, about your payment for your services.” Gogius paused, he knew that his pockets were thinning of coin, and that the liquid within his mug, wasn’t going to last him long. “…Alright old man. I’ll go, but I want me some weapons if you aim for me to stick around this time.” The Elder’s dry humor kept him from grinning too wide at Gogius’ comment, “Let’s make haste Gogius!” The two exited from out of the bar, a small crowd of people began to take notice to them, as they stood in the middle of the town. The Elder suddenly started murmuring out strange words, that sounded as though he were singing, yet grunting at the same time-

A circle drew itself around him and Gogius, then there was a red flash, that suddenly glowed brighter, and brighter, until the two began to glitter with the wind…Then there was a white flash, and the two of them were gone.

Copyrightcopyright June 25, 2014

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