The Etched Ones

Chapter 9

The Shadow that Speaks For Us…

“I need to know, if I can trust you.” Scotty cried. “Patience…Patience…The darkness under our flesh is as a chest, unlocking the soul..!” The Etched Ones echoed, “…And with your soul. You can get even..!” “I’m not looking to get even! I just want my wife back…Please, bring her back to me.” The Etched Ones’ bones crackled horribly at Scotty, “Dear Scotty…. Horrible Scotty…Being captain of the castle guard, doesn’t feed us our worms…” There was an insidious aura all throughout the storeroom that Scotty was in; he scratched the sweat from underneath of his sparkling white collar, as it dripped down his Druid guard armor, “You want worms..?” he said, “I can…I-I can go get you some worms out of the ground right now if you wish.” The Etched Ones’ eyes glazed over white, as slobber spuled from out of their eighty-mouths, “No, no, no, no, no..! The worms WE feed off of, have heads to them..! And two heads, dear captain, are eviler than one…” “…But I’m not looking to do anything evil!” Scotty frantically said, “I just want my wife back, just…Just bring me back, my love.” The Etched Ones let out a terrible smile; the flesh on their face, from the bottom of their lip all the way down to the middle of their neck split open, revealing their skeletal structure, and their wicked sharp teeth, as the corners of the skin were blackened at the tips; the more The Etched Ones spoke, the more their eyeballs started to protrude from out of their sockets, “You must shed that foolish soul of yours…” The Etched Ones growled, “The attack on the Cascadus, the corpses your kingdom call, Cascadians, will feed us…But they will snatch you up, when they find out, that you speak to shadows…Muhahahahaha-

“NO!” Scotty shouted, “I”LL DEAL WITH THEM! I won’t let them stand in my way! I’ll…I’ll KILL them if I must!” There was a twisted silence that burned down deep into the air, and the Etched Ones’ jaws, every one that could grin, echoed a laughter, that tore the very silence, “AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! We like vengeance! We…Like…Vengeance…You will slaughter the golden deadmaks, the, golden challengers…Only then, you will see…Your wife, will like vengeance…too..! Come, the corpse men call, January, she approaches to ruin us…Stay silent with her…Don’t you flap those, horrible gums..!”

Suddenly, there were footsteps coming closer, and closer to the door, until the knob turned, and opened to the light just outside, “Hello? Scotty, is that you?” the figure’s voice went. It was January, the female wood elf, that was friends with fellow Eade. “Yes.” Scotty went, “I was…Uh, just looking for my shield. I could have sworn that it was in here a second ago…” Fellow guard Scotty Swilswinn bore an evil grin, that almost wasn’t his own; almost as though, the darkness had rubbed off it’s evil onto him, as he exited the room. “…You were looking for something…In the dark?”  “Mhmm, Yep! In the dark. I-I was, testing…Yes testing out my x-ray vision.” Scotty let out a nervous smile, as January frowned her brows…”…Uh huh. Well, just warn a person, before you go lurking around in the dark, huh?” “Why but of course.” Scotty said, “The whole world, will know of the dark, before it comes…”

Copyrightcopyright July 1, 2014

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