Chapter 10

Of New Days Passed


Gogius remembered back to when he was just starting out as a witch hunter. He

Remembered back, to when he was just a simple squire first, and a hero, second. Gogius went to the well renowned Druid Academy of Magic and Wizardry, in the well suited-for town of Druid. Back then, the school had a strict rule against drinking and fighting: you couldn’t. And so for four straight years, Gogius didn’t drink a drop of alcohol. This was also the main reason behind why Gogius retired early from boxing, despite his many countless wins and achievements within the sport. The academy had smiled well upon Gogius, and so they gladly took him into their college, suited him up with simple squire armor, and gave him a learning buddy to follow after. Gogius remembered the woman that had led him to his trainer for the first time, and how she ranted on about him, “Belvisarr will be your partner!” she kept gibbering, “Belvisarr knows exactly what he’s doing!” she fumbled about, “Belvisarr” this and “Belvisarr” that! Belvisarr had been hunting witches ever since he was 12 years old, and was well known for his merciless extermination of their kind, “You’ll like being paired up with Belvisarr.” The woman said, “I hear tell he’s got a sense of humor, too! He’s down in the bailey, practicing his arrows.” When Gogius and the woman found Belvisarr, sure enough it was just as the woman said; Belvisarr was indeed, practicing his arrows. He wore the same outfit as Gogius, only instead of it being red like his, Belvisarr’s was burgundy, and had fancier trimming just at the bottom of it’s hemming and seams. “Belvisarr!” the woman went, “Here’s your new squire, Gogius!”

Belvisarr stopped shooting his arrows, but kept his back turned at them both, not bothering to look around to see who had called out to him. As the lady left, Gogius stood alienated from everyone around him, including Belvisarr, “You’re…Belvisarr?” Gogius went. Belvisarr took his bow, and fired one more arrow, that struck a bull’s-eye right in the black center of the dummy that he was shooting at. Belvisarr turned around slowly with a ridiculously cocky grin spread across his face, as he looked at Gogius, “You’ll be a hot shot in no time, kid!” Belvisarr boasted, “With me on your side, heh…You’ll be a hot shot alright!” Belvisarr had a rough tan face and body, a brown goatee, and a mustache that was long, and had hung low to his face, giving him a somewhat foreign appearance. He had long dark brown hair, and an incredibly arrogant, smug smile to him, and green eyes so vibrant, they were almost like stained glass so delicate, that it was as if just simply looking at them would shatter them upon impact! Both Gogius and Belvisarr studied each other’s faces, as Belvisarr snorted out a laugh; his smile contagious as it grew onto Gogius, “Well you’re not going to learn anything just standing there” he said to Gogius, “Let’s go!”

Gogius and Belvisarr went off into the greenhouse together, “I’m going to show you your surroundings, “said Belvisarr, “But first things first, I’m going to show you what herbs to make poison out of.”

As Gogius smiled, he suddenly found himself back to the present; walking inside the halls of the great Elder Keep, Black Eclipse Manor, with the Elder agent that had spoken to him earlier at the bar. “I am taking you to see the other witch hunters, Gogius.” The old Elderlord said.

“I work better alone.” Gogius grunted with a grin on his face. “Is that so?” The Elder agent kept a tight, stern frown on his face, “Well I have also seen that you get drunk better on your own, as well!” The two of them walked past other Elders, of which wore red robes, some of them had there hoods on, while at the same time, wearing long magical clasps with a bright blue glow to them for ties; others glowed different colors, that seemed to reflect their very personalities as well. Aside from being able to wear different colored clasps, the red robes moreover, were mandatory that they wear. Gogius thought heavy to himself, as he scratched his goatee, “Audehkus…” He said to the old Elder agent, “…What are we up against?” Audehkus let out a sigh; he hadn’t heard Gogius call him by name for quite a while, “…We’re up against many a great deal this time, my friend… Many a great deal, indeed…The trials that we face, are faced differently by each kingdom.”

“That barely answers my question…” Gogius said.

“…Well. I know one thing though… You’ll be hunting down some vampires..!” Audehkus finally stopped next to a room with an agent standing beside it, “We have him here.” Audehkus spoke to the fellow agent next to the door. The Elder handed Audehkus a photograph of someone, and scratched his head; the agent then let out a goofy grin, as he remarked something that Gogius’s strong ears could just barely pick up, “…I…Was….Thinking of letting…My hair grow like that…” Gogius was able to pick out; suddenly the young agent speaking to Audehkus let out a snorting laugh…Audehkus, didn’t laugh at all. “That’s good for you.” Audehkus coldly went, “…Now work harder..!” The young agent grimaced nervously as he walked off, sweat pouring heavily underneath of his armpits, as Audehkus turned to face Gogius, “Here is your first partner.” He said, “It seems that you will have to pick him up at the Alpterdash Prison, before he can join us officially though…That is, if he decides between 6 years there in prison, or 5 years as an Elder witch hunter.” Gogius looked up at Audehkus with a puzzled look on his face. “The man’s name is Meko,” Audehkus said, “He’s arrogant, and dangerous…He has also gotten himself into quite the bit of trouble with the law. Joining us, serves…As a form of probation. Unless of course, if he decides to go to prison instead. You are to get him, and bring him here, if he doesn’t decline. This is a picture of his mugshot.”

Gogius snickered at the magnanimous afro that Meko had; he was dark skinned, had no facial hair, and had a certain menacing look to him, “Be careful Gogius…” Audehkus said, “Meko is crafty, he might even find a way to break out of jail, if we keep him there too long…!”

“This man will join us.” Gogius confidently grinned, “I can feel it.” Gogius made his way out of the manor, since there weren’t any portals there that would take him to the prison, for security reasons. As the warm sunlight coated Gogius’ flesh, he looked up into the skies, knowing that soon, a storm would be brewing…

Copyrightcopyright July 3, 2014

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