The Circle of Promise


 (This poem is dedicated to my loving family

I love you always!)

A family together, is like a circle of promise, hand-in-hand, like the stars for a wish-

For blood is thicker than water indeed, thicker than the air, and thicker than the sea;

A family together, and together equals free-

 For a promise, is as an oath;

a family together, and together within soul-

A sound mind, is this loving family of mine, where the

ale runs free, and the water turns to wine-

A circle of promise is this lovely family of mine;

together we stand-

forever we stand-

A circle of promise, and may it expand-

may our hands reach forth, and-

may we blanket the land-

Poem: I made and read this for my family reunion. 

Copyrightcopyright August 8, 2014

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