The Base of my very Skin


I am as a tree;

my warm body a trunk, and my arms are of leaves-

A lifeless frozen body denied;

a forsaken husk, abandoned, and each follicle, mine-

My skin is wood, and wood is bark;

dried out veins attached to my wooden heart-

I am as a bear;

when the cold shoulder comes for me, I slumber a lonely lair;

waiting for the warmth, the cruel fickle warmth;

and dying far from its source-

just like a horse,I gallop away from love;

fearful of rejection, I am a coward;

for cowardice is as a virus, poisoning the very blood;

I am as a tree, dying with the cruelest cold, I am as alone and alone is my lonely soul…

Copyrightcopyright October 15, 2014


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