The Sea and the Grave

Two similar entities sharing the same fate...

Two similar entities sharing the same fate…

The sea and the grave, is a thin black line; it has it’s eyes, peering into mine. The sea gave way, along with the very tears of the sky. Together the angels cried, and the watery waves thrashed, my ship was rolling, rammed, and denied. I pushed back the sea, and her embrace did I reject, her woe was like fire that had wept and wept. I am, and was, a sailor of the lost. I was, and still am, the Last man’s Storm. But souls release themselves from their graves, by way of trumpets; I swear I could hear the sky; black as midnight. The face of the storm, I swore was my enemy; nay, was the storm, for she wished to warn me-

There was a monster beneath the sea, that she didn’t want me to see..! But I saw it. And it was inevitable. Rising slow from out the beneath, a hideous shape, like a sea made of tears and corpses, that thing rose a’hundred feet high over me; my boat was prey. The thing was blacker than evil midnight; that thing had piercing eyes that glowed yellower than the monster in the sun. A slit in the middle, like a dagger for it’s pupil; And twisting blackened limbs, by the thousands, one by one, like bending serpents each did rise from the sea-

The sea was like a grave, the sea was like a grave. A grave, a grave, a horrible grave. Two yellow, evil eyes locked it’s gaze at me, and a horrible roar shouted out like evil from out of the mouths of a million grown men. And from out of the raging sea, a silhouette did reach from out; tentacles stood two-stories high-

it spelled forth for my demise; it was, the Great Kraken. The beast reached for the ship, as I reached for a spear;

 both objects reached for, without pity, or mercy-

two cold hearts, for the grave and the sea. Boneless limbs thrashed about, one to embrace the bow, and another to reach for me-

I roared with the thunder, and dashed with the fiends, and crimson, had it’s way with one of the tentacles that laid. The Kraken’s tentacles reached again, pulling back it’s wounded limb, and I heard cries from the ship, as it’s tentacles pounded against it’s wood-

blood was as rust, newly made by way of my every thrust. There was lightning like a fork, to smite all the things it hated, just like me and the spear, and the Kraken with the fear. The doom came down, and the spear thrusted up, and the blood ran down, and the screams bottled up-

the ship was dying, and the waves were growing; the Kraken took in anger, and so did I.

I saw light flash, and then strike the beast, and a tentacle like a talon, crushed the ship that did creak-

I leaped, like no kind of man, nor human, had ever leap before;

it’s eye in my sights; as I was mid air born.

Plank after plank of the ship went to the watery grave, as my spear went to the eye;

crimson tears did stream down it’s demise-

the sound of thrashing limbs, a thousand of them in the sea, and a thousand of them, in their graves-

I hit the coldest water, and was covered by it;

like fire from the blaze, I looked up and saw black clouds, as I screamed with the waves.

Copyrightcopyright October 28, 2014

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