The Neverending



She pours herself, into every pore of me;

and I am as a beast, never again to be free-

sunlight burns the skin of the vampire of promiscuous night;

I am the dying light.

For I cheat, and cheat, and cheat, and cheat;

and her eyes doth weep in blood, as it pours to cover me.

Like a flood, I am drowned, never to surface;

I am the monster, the living Loch Ness-

And adultery is but a cruel serpent’s head;

the poison is a pistol, and it’s venom is the lead-

she is the very key, that will unlock the dead.

Doing this forever, again and again.

Poem Meaning: Talks about infidelity, and adultery,

and how it can have a negative impact on others. 

Copyrightcopyright November 11, 2014


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