Always Remember the Victory


I just wanted to remind everybody that the devil is defeated before he even approaches you. God is real, and He will bless you. One thing that I know about God is that he does answer prayers, I can’t tell you how many times I made a prayer I didn’t think He would answer, but He did. … 🙂

I also know that Jesus really truly is the Prince of Peace. He listens to your prayers, and never abandons you. There are times when I don’t know what the Lord wants me to know or read up on, and so I did a little thing that has helped me immensely, perhaps it will help you too:

I get the bible, and clear my mind, and go to the index, or glossary section. I then make a prayer to God, asking Him what passage in it I should read. Then I just turn to the first passage and page and verse number that pops into my mind, even if I haven’t exactly read it before, and read what that verse talks about.

I try this for as many times as I feel is needed until I find a verse that I feel drawn to, perhaps others can give this a try, I know it has helped my during stressful situations. 😉

-Gregory Thomas

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