A Man Fell Down into Hell


PHOTO_20141216_220507~2_HagridA man fell down, through a crack in the ground.

Then fell even farther, as the shadows grew darker. His body hit the ground, and made a thud sound. His eyes opened wide, to a terrible sight. Men that were not, danced in fires made hot. Their eyes gleaming wicked, their head hairs twisted. And rock was everywhere, dressed as a stone, the very ground littered with bone. The man felt the heat, and felt it well;

he had indeed, fallen into hell. And evil giggled, just like girls, as one another vomited up the souls devoured and hurled. Slop was as skin, slopped up and eaten. Horns, just like a bull’s, on every single head;

The dance of fire indeed, was the very dance of the dead! Loud noises clashed like pots;

and wailing noises rang loud, like gun shots. Blood was like juice, slurped on by the fiends;

never any sleep, never any sleep.

And the man looked down, and saw he had no legs. Yet floated. And the man looked up, and saw black darkness. And yet no end to this…

And skin was like bones, as the man floated forth. And his body turned to skeleton, by way of the fire born source. His eyes opened horrible, shaking with fear. And the things there that saw him, bore eyes black like a deer’s. The man yelled with a fumbling cry, and died a never-ending death;

all tears from him, evaporated as he wept. The things giggled like kiddies, with evil faces. Wearing bits of flesh on their teeth, as if braces. The things snatched up the man, bone by bone;

They played pick-up-sticks, with his very soul. And from out of the corner of his ear, the man could still hear;

the other man he killed, just before coming here…

Copyrightcopyright December 17, 2014

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