Change of Hearts- Part 1


Nemius went upstairs, using his powers over darkness to sense the heartbeats all around him. Lueka was indeed up here, sweeping the cruel cold ground, just as the inn keeper said she was. Lueka was a terribly shy, and woefully nervous person. Rarely did she ever smile, and even rarer was she ever happy… Nemius stood in silence, his cruel foreboding eyes piercing into her. She was so distraught within her own thoughts, that she had not even noticed Nemius standing right in front of her. She swept as though she were sweeping within her very own miseries… Until she looked up And was startled by Nemius’ immediate presence.

“Oh! Nemius!” she went, “I-I didn’t even notice you…How long were you standing there?” Nemius stood silent, his face pale, and his heart cold, I was here long enough…” Nemius began, “To surprise you. Were you really surprised? To see me again? Or did you know deep in your heart, that I would return for you?” ” …Forgive me.” Lueka said, “I am foolish…” “No, you are stubborn.” Nemius tried his best to smile, without rearing his fangs, “The time to do away with this place is now…” Nemius went. “…N-now?” said Lueka, “But…I have, to make sure this place is-
“Nemius’s smile faded with his patience, “Dear mistress, you said after all, that you would follow me from here one day, no? That day is now. Perhaps you owe this to yourself, more than you do to me…” Nemius then peered his menacing eyes deep into Lueka’s, his very gaze ceased her every movement, almost as if it was turning her into stone, as she looked at nothing but his eyes, and heard, nothing but his voice..!
“Luuuuueka…..” went Nemius with his voice,

“Ne…Nemius?” Lueka’s voice almost purred uncontrollably, as she whispered back.
“Lueka, is such a pretty name, to go to waste…Luuuuuuuuueka..!” Nemius’s voice echoed and surrounded all around Lueka’s head,

“Leave this place with me. Nemius, is here…”
“I…Suppose I, leave here.” Lueka fumbled, like sunlight into a black-hole, her heart drew itself into Nemius. Every tone of his voice warmed her every ounce of skin. “This place.” Nemius began as he headed for the door, with Lueka following behind him, “It’s people; the parasitic presence of them all… I can teach you how to dominate them all.” Lueka wobbled, feeling light headed as she followed after Nemius, all sounds around seemed to cancel out, leaving only the sound of Nemius’s voice to remain. She listened in deep of his very words, despite not fully understanding what he was saying to her.

“You are, perhaps…More valuable than you may realize, Lueka…So valuable, and yet so vulnerable…”

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2014

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