Change of Hearts-Part 2


Nemius and Lueka made their way for the exit, as Nemius’ brow frowned and frowned, as he looked up and down the tavern inn’s walls, he looked at the inn’s decor, and scrunched up his wicked face, as he gauked aloud,
“Hmph, hideously woven together genre..!” Nemius cursed under his breath, as he reached his hand for the door. Nemius felt the dark cold air that revolved all around him, he turned to look at Lueka, who had folded her arms, shivering slightly from the cold outside. Lueka lowered her arms to her side as Nemius turned to face her, “The cold is a nuisance, is it not?” Lueka said nothing, only nodded her head.

Nemius let out a smile that warmed Lueka’s bones. As they both walked, Lueka would stare at the ground, watching the small pebbles of the earth hit themselves against her shoes; Nemius, watched her every movements, gazing at her like a hawk, and then soaking her in, like a sponge. “Where are we going to go?” Lueka finally asked. “Away from this damned-able world. The whole world is as a vampire, draining the soul from you, dear Lueka…I merely wish for you to recognize this…”
“I wish you would just tell me where we are going…” Lueka said.
“But seriously though, me’lady, isn’t anywhere better than that ridiculous tavern?” Nemius hissed, “…Your right. I’m sorry to be a burden to you…” Lueka went. Nemius shook his head, “You needn’t fear what others think of you, me’lady…Do you not realize? Oh if you could only recognize the potential, the earth shattering potential that your soul could control…You could be invincible.” Nemius suddenly walked toward a tall rock cliff, and climbed himself up upon it, Nemius then pointed toward the vast distance, “If you will it,” Nemius began,

“You can fly to those mountain heights. All you have to do, is choose to. You can soar!” Lueka watched, as Nemius stood menacingly over the edge of the cliff, “…Be careful.” Lueka whispered underneath of her breath, little to her knowledge, Nemius had heard her plea. Nemius turned around, and stood to look at Lueka. He looked into her pale green eyes, with a puzzled look on his face. Despite not being a stranger to tragedy himself, he still couldn’t understand how something could cause a person to become so passive at things. He sensed a strange aura from Lueka, almost as if she longed for him in a way…This too, was something he didn’t understand. “Let us take our leave of this place, Lueka.” Nemius walked down off of the rock, as they both followed the path before them, to unknown expectations.

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2014

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