The Darkius Rising- Part 1


Caudron stood as he pondered, the barren labyrinth had presented yet another puzzle for the two Shadow Knights to solve.  “Well now Maleon,” Cauldron said; his eyebrow raised up high on his face as he spoke, “It seems as though we have come upon another puzzle this place wants us to decipher.” The door in front of them was foreboding, and yet at the same time, it was inviting, almost as though the door itself welcomed any and all that would so dare to complete it’s challenge. “Do you still have that key that I gave you?” Cauldron said, “Something tells me that now is the ime for it to come in handy.” Maleon gawked arrogantly at Cauldron, “Hmph!” he went, “To even ask such clueless questions is a nuisance within itself. Of course it will come in handy! Do you take me for a blind man?!”

Cauldron laughed to himself as he grinned from under his face mask, “Relax, I meant no harm…You know then what must be done, no?” Maleon folded his arms with a puzzled look, “Oh, so that’s the way of it?” he went, “You are…Testing me? Again this time?” “Hehe…You’ll have to forgive me. I simply wish to determine if you are truly Darkius Material. I wouldn’t want to be wasting my time with you…Now would I?” Cauldron turned to face Maleon, “Beyond this door lies the unknown, I simply wish to see if your prepared for it.” Maleon went ahead of Cauldron; Cauldron grinning with curiosity as he walked past. “…The symbols.” Maleon went, “This damn key should work…Right? It is the right one, is it not?” Cauldron said nothing, only maintaining his grin, his hands placed comfortably as he watched his fellow high elf friend tinker with the stubborn door. The bronze decorative key fit the door’s aperture, then suddenly started to slide open. “There!” Maleon went, “There you see? I’m a genius! A damn genius!” Cauldron smiled, soaking up his fellow shield brother’s ego as he did.”…Heh heh heh, well done, Maleon.”

Cauldron went, “Now, let’s move further, there is still work to be done here…Work that involves both of our fates, my friend.” Cauldron and Maleon went further down the crypt, until they reached an open cave, vast with the very ceiling shrouded with a swarm of flies and bats, as they fluttered in packs in front of them. Cauldron removed his hood and mask as they ventured forward, “This place will challenge us, Maleon…” Cauldron took in a deep breath, and let it out, “This place is like a coffin; it is attached to the dead…One corpse at a time.” “And you’re speaking in riddles again!” Maleon went, “This place is just a crypt, nothing more!” “Oh no Maleon, it’s not just a crypt. Adventurers have come here, not knowing that they will die. This place, could be our graves..! It is our destiny to discover this place, as it is discovering us. Maleon shook at Cauldron’s words, as they both looked out into the vast open cavern, both waiting, watching, for their fates to be shown…

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2014


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