Cauldron and Maleon ventured forth, surrounded by darkness on every side. They ventured and ventured, until Cauldron came to a stop; the bats fluttering off into the distance, as Maleon stood, with a puzzled look across his very face. 
“What are we looking for?” Maleon said. “The man spoke of secrets,” Cauldron said, “Let us see of these secrets that the treacherous swine claimed of.” “Oh come now Cauldron,” Maleon smirked, “You and me coming here means little to you. I know you, you’re coming here wasn’t to simply play as some errand-boy for some broke-back clumsy farmhand!” “Heh…that’s where you’re wrong, Maleon. Our coming here is more important than you probably realize… We came here, because fate has called us. This. Was. No. Mistake…” Cauldron stooped down, and felt the bridge that he was on, feeling his way all throughout the stony crevasses that it had to offer. “…What are you thinking, Cauldron?” Maleon went. But there was no answer. No sound made. Just the hollow echoing that surrounded the two from all sides.

Cauldron stood up, and almost like a puppet being pulled forward by an unknown force, he ventured forward. Maleon frowned as Cauldron slowly went up a pair of steps leading to a curious stone wall with carvings on it. Then, Cauldron suddenly stopped, right in his tracks as he stared at the structure. “This wall…” Maleon went, “This wall is rather odd, don’t you think?” There was a soft radiance, shining from out of the etchings all along the wall. The glow seemed to suck the very life from out of anyone whom so dare to look at it. “Do you believe that this wall was what the thief was referring to?” Maleon asked. 
The curious wall hummed a terrible radiance, as Cauldron froze in his tracks. “I’ve seen this place before…” he went. Cauldron stood motionless; the wall illuminated itself…until it stopped. The hazy radiance departing abruptly.

Cauldron blinked a couple of times, then turned around to face Maleon. “No…This isn’t what the thief was referring to.” he said. Cauldron let out a smile, “Come, let’s leave this place.” Just then, there was a terrible groaning sound..! From out of the ground, hands began to pull themselves up to the surface, as the living dead began their assault! Cauldron and Maleon drew their swords and went for the abominations! Maleon’s sword struck an undead warrior, as Cauldron’s hit trusted the fiends down to their knees; the fight lasted them a good score of seconds, until there was no longer any sound there to be made, just the rushed breaths of Maleon and Cauldron’s breathing.”Damndable freaks!” Maleon cursed. “One of the freaks seems to be holding something from us.” Cauldron said, as he stooped down beside the undead warrior. “To die so soon should be a crime!” 

Maleon hissed aloud. “Shhh…The beast holds a wand!” A terrible glowing magical wand was held by one of the undead monsters. Cauldron lifted the stone, feeling his fingers all through the etching that was inscribed all over it. Cauldron stood up, and smiled. “This is what the thief was referring to.” Cauldron said. He turned to his fellow shield brother as he put his hood back over him again,  “We leave this place now Maleon. Let’s meet back at the sanctuary.” 
“If you needed a wand, then you could have just bought the damned thing from a store!” cursed Maleon.
Cauldron, smirked, “The wand holds secrets, we have not come here in search for power. Only knowledge…” With that, Cauldron wandered for the exit, Maleon traveling behind him, “You do realize that this was a waste of time, right?” “Fate never wastes it’s time.” Cauldron went. A cool wind brushed against their faces, as they made their way out of the cave, and into the deep and curious score, the land of Gah’loria had to offer them.  

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2014


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