Change of Hearts-Part 3


“I still can’t believe how much blood that bear spilled.” Arigale Bloodraven spoke, “Who would of thought that a single arrow could spill so much red! All of that blood, for a single sheet of skin and fur, am I right? Of course I’m right, I always am… I smelled fear once. You know? I can’t believe the contract called for me, and on my day off, too! Damned fools! Hehehehe, it’s just like them to not give a damn about me. They say they do…But everybody is for themselves in the Omegacaust…It’s in their nature.”
“Please…Don’t kill me!” there was a frantic male voice coming from the edge of the room. “Oh God…Oh God, just please don’t kill me!” The man had his hands bound, and was knelt down on the floor,
“Hmmm, well you still have to die…You know that, right?” Arigale smirked. “No please! Please don’t kill me!I swear, I’ll do what ever you want, just please don’t kill me! I’ll pay you, name your price, just name your price!” Arigale sat herself up on the bed, “Say, you wouldn’t happen to know where Lueka is, would you?” Arigale asked playfully. “I swear I don’t know anything about a Lueka! I swear! Why would I lie to you people?” “I don’t know,” Arigale went, “Why would you lie to us? I have a hit on her too, the Omegacaust has been looking to kill her for some time…” “Oh no! Is that what this is about?!” Arigale drew her sword. And crept closer to the bound man, “Now wait now just listen!” “Don’t raise your voice at me, Hothrag.” Arigale coldly bellowed.

“I DON’T KNOW, I-I don’t know…Alright, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Listen I don’t know anything okay? I never heard of a Lueka, I promise! I promise!” ” This is not about Lueka, Hothrag, I have a job to do, just like you’ve got a job to do…” “NO DON’T DO IT!!! NOOOO!
Arigale thrusted her sword straight through Hothrag’s spine, and the small cabin they were in was flooded with his screams…And Arigale’s snickering. As Hothrag fell dead to the floor, Arigale lit a cigarette, blew a smoke ring, and watched it disappear right in front of her, just like Hothrag’s life, Arigale spent two minutes, laughing, and laughing, and sucking in her cigarette’s dusty smog, “Good bye, Hothrag. It seems that you’ve made me late for work.” Arigale reached in the closet, and pulled out some hooded robes, “…But that’s okay. Because it just makes me more fashionable… Now, as for Lueka…Looks like I’m just going to have to find her on my own…I will finish the job, Lueka. I will find you… I would prefer to not have to kill any of your friends, but if you force my hand…The Omegacaust Order, is going to have to revert. It’s…in our nature to revert..!”

Copyrightcopyright December 20, 2014


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