Cauldron and Maleon entered into the village of Salortha. The hour was late, but some of the residents could still be seen walking and pacing the village’s stony streets. “How much do you wager this wand is worth?” Maleon asked, “You know…We could take the miserable piece of wood for ourselves! Sell it to some beggars, and be very well on our way!”
“This inscribed wand will mark our fates. It’s an object that reveals…Do you know what that means?” “It means let’s get this over with!” Maleon arrogantly groaned. The two Darkius knights entered into the farm, Maleon was puzzled at how the farmhouse was unlocked around this time of hour, “Hmph, well these nunkies don’t even lock their doors around here!” he said as he came in. “Oh, your back!” the farmer frantically spoke, “Did you…Did you find the wand? Did you find the wand?” Cauldron said nothing as he came forth; only reaching into his pocket, and pulling out a glowing radiance of light, that reflected from off of the magical wand, “YOU FOUND IT!” the farmhand praised, “You got back my family’s wand! I can’t believe it. It’s been in my family for generations! The farmer shook Cauldron’s hand, and gave Maleon an almost spine crushing hug; Maleon trying his best to break free from the grip “Ok get off now!” Maleon cursed.

Among the middle of Maleon’s ranting, the farmer’s daughter, the one that was in the farm with them all, moved in close to Cauldron, winking at him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Cauldron held eye contact with the flirtatious woman; she then came in close to Cauldron’s ear, almost purring as she whispered to him, “Don’t be a stranger…” she went. Cauldron and Maleon returned once more to the outside, “A fool!” Maleon raved, “The two of them are fools! Isn’t there fools enough?!” “Relax, Maleon.” Cauldron said, “T’was a simple deed…But do you see how your actions depict your paths?” “No.” Maleon grunted, “But I did see that farmhand’s “daughter” of his lock lips with your face! What did she whisper into you?”
“She whispered, telling me to return back to the sanctuary.” Cauldron let out a grin, and Maleon folded his arms, “Come on brethren, we have…Overstayed our welcome.” The two made their way into the cavern entrance that was their sanctuary, “What are we going to do about them?” Maleon said. “Perhaps I may return to that man’s daughter.” Cauldron went, “There’s nothing wrong with a little pleasant company now and then.” Maleon folded his arms “Cauldron I am referring to Vagabond.”

Cauldron looked up, and stopped where he stood. He paused for a second, then finally answered, “Vagabond…Requires skilled ones in order to stop him. Maleon, I have been showing you this.” “How so?” Cauldron looked back at Maleon, “…Follow me.” Cauldron walked forward with Maleon, until they met up with fellow shield sister Mollie. Mollie was sharpening steel, as the embers accompanied by the constant scraping sounds flooded from all around her, “Hey, Cauldron!” Mollie went. “Greet the new day.” Cauldron said, as he gave Mollie a head nod. “Where’s Golarn?” Maleon asked. “I guess he’s still investigating, like Cauldron told him to do.” “He will return soon. He will ask for water. Make sure to have some ready for him.” “No problem Sagemaster.””How do you know that Golarn would request water?” Maleon asked. “I see things, Maleon…”

Cauldron then stood silent, then turned to face Maleon, “Vagabond…” he went, “Is a slave trader. He raids villages, and takes in prisoners; men, women, children. He has a large group of followers, dear friend…Do you notice the sword that Mollie was sharpening?” “Quite yes, actually.” Maleon went. “She does possess quite a skill at honing a blade.” “Tsk…My dear friend, she sharpens a worthless steel.” Maleon’s eyes almost widened with shock at Cauldron’s comment. “That’s right Maleon,” Cauldron continued, “She etches a steel that is no grander than the bones of an old fop..! This is because she is mortal.” “…So, you suggest that we have to be immortal just to stop this Vagabond the Collector?!” “No.” Cauldron spoke, “Maleon, we must make our enemies, believe that we are immortal. Everything we have. All our gear. Make them think that our gauntlets posses powers granted just by wearing them. I took you this day to the barrow, so that you could see. The thief thought a simple key would make him rich. He wanted to be rich, so that he would have power, he wanted power so that he could be invincible… The undead in that place tried to stop us all, so that we wouldn’t fall into the same frailty with the same intentions, fearing we would suffer the same fate.”

“…But seriously.” Maleon’s grin met Cauldron’s tense face. “We, ehehehe! We have got to get you to speak the king’s english, boy! Just for a couple of seconds! Ahahahaha-

Cauldron only frowned angrily at Maleon, his frustration draining his patience, “Read those damned books, Maleon!” Cauldron bellowed, “Perhaps one day I will enlighten you on how fate works!” Maleon stood for a second, then wandered off, “Just one day, speak a single sentence I can understand, ehehehehe!” Cauldron entered his private quarters, his face scrunched with frustration. He sat down, contemplating his every next move. He thought hard on his childhood, of how he never knew his mother and father. Of how he was found abandoned, in a basket in the Spooky Creak’s woods by a witch. Of how she was his only family, And how she took him in, and cared greatly for him, as though he was her own.

“Hmmhmmhmm! Hmm hmmm hmmm!” went the witch named Wendy, “Hmm hmm hmm!” she hummed again. She was brewing potions again. The boy named Cauldron crept closer and closer to the witch; the smells of incent flooded his very nostrils. “All around the mulberry bush,The monkey chased the weasel.The monkey stopped to pull up his sock…POP! Goes the weasel!” Her song lit up Cauldron’s bright and curious smile, “Miss…Mrs. Wendy?” he went to her “Are you cooking dinner?” Wendy the witch turned around, and let out a smile that stretched as wide as her face, “No,no, Cauldron. I’m mixing…A wonderful potion! Oh but it’s not for you, little one…”

Wendy bent down to Cauldron’s height, and rested her warm comforting hands on his shoulders, “Once I’m done, I will cook you your faaaaaavorite!” “…Honey berry stew?” Cauldron’s eyes sparkled, “Of course!” Wendy smiled, “But you really should be careful in here, I keep some…Unsettling things in here, I promise that I won’t take long.” Cauldron looked up at all of the strange potions and bottles of liquid that peered over him, “Oh, honey?” Wendy went, “You can call me, mom. It’s okay, I really don’t mind, son.” “Perhaps after your supper, I will teach you how to cast more fireballs! Just as long as you don’t burn the house down! Ahahahahahaha!” Wendy continued to sing her alluring lullaby again, “Half a pound of tuppenny rice,” She went, “Half a pound of treacle.”Mix it up and make it nice… POP! Goes the weasel!” Little Cauldron slowly made his way out of the kitchen, his smile held softly on his face. It was a smile… That he may never erase.

CopyrightcopyrightΒ December 20, 2014


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