Vagabond’s Wasteland-Part 1


Vagabond The Collector, held his reign in Fort Take-Life. The place was a fortified stronghold, a place where mankind be held there as prisoners, it was a place…People may never ever escape from..! Vagabond turned mercenaries into his henchmen, and would order them daily to raid villages, and to drag away people from their families, permanently. All in the name of their insidious overseer… This was Vagabond’s Wasteland… The hour was growing late as Vagabond wandered around Fort Take-Life, searching for someone. “Has anyone here happen to discover upon my lost little lamb?” He went, his sadistic voice deep, and foreboding. “You talkin’ bout Sulbie?” one of Vagabond’s minions went, “I t’inks she still in pretty cage..!”
“Snatch her…Skimpy, skimpy, skimpy, adorable face, up and deliver her to me..!” Vagabond stood, waiting for his minion to bring him Sulbie, it wasn’t before long that they had soon returned with her. Sulbie shivered, her face terrible with fear and worry,”Please don’t hurt me!” Sulbie went, “I-I-I didn’t k-know you wanted to see me!” “Now, you…Know that I, don’t wait…Long, for long…” Vagabond’s eyes pierced straight through Sulbie as he spoke, “But’s thats okay…” Vagabond hummed, “You…Walk with me now, dearest angel. Ohhh…And Sulbie?” Sulbie woefully tried to hold in her tears, as Vagabond grinned an evil grin, “Y-yes, Vagabond…?” “…Sin, no more..!” Vagabond motioned for his most loyal minion, Cavish the Mindless, to come over, “Yeah boss?” Cavish went; he had a sinister spiked cage that he wore over his head, and was almost giant in stature, with bulging muscles and arms, although his wit was pratically mindless.
“I do not want you to let this…Adorable little girl, out of your incredible sight. Do I make myself entirely crystal clear?” “Mhhhrm!” Cavish growled inhumanly, “Mrhhrm, mrhhhrm, mhrrhm!”
“Everytime my, grace is…Not present with this adorable girl…And I see you lollygagging around, like a skittish cage-headed fiend, I grow entirely…Not happy, no, no…Not happy one bit.” “I’m sorry! I’m sorry okay! I promise I won’t be late again!” Sulbie cried out. “Stay silent! You adorable, little girl you…Freckled, child! Now…Hand me my good, good, good little face-mask, dammit!” One of Vagabond’s minions handed him his mask, and veil. Vagabond put his terrible cold mask over his face…And then adorned his wicked, wicked veil, “Tomorrow…” Vagabond yelled, “We are… Going to have a good ol’ time..!” “What we gonna do?” Cavish asked, “WE…Are just going to have to wait and see, now won’t we?” Vagabond went down a flight of stairs, tugging Sulbie by the hand toward him, “I am…Definitely going to have to retire to my quarters, Okay dokey?” As Vagabond dragged Sulbie by her hand along with him, he approached his throne, and sat down in it. Vagabond glared at Sulbie, “…You know, it’s…Quite boring to listen to a mute, adorable, girl…Standing in front of me!”
“I-I-I b-b-been working on t-the railroad…All the live-long-g-g d-day!” Vagabond snickered and snickered at Sulbie’s terrible singing, and incredibly hoarse voice, as she continued… “I-I-I been working on the r-r-railroad…T-t-to pass the t-time all day!”
This was Vagabond’s Wasteland…And just as many wastelands before it…Lies their terrible road to ruin…


Copyrightcopyright December 22, 2014


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