Nemius brought Lueka in front of an ominously foreboding house. The stone structure deployed a lifeless aura about it. “This place,” Nemius went, “Is not much, but it does have some useful perks that outweigh it’s…Curses.” Lueka shivered at the house’s terrible atmosphere…It was one of the first times, that she felt a need to fully express her emotions. She tried her best to fight off her thoughts, her emotions. Her heart ached as she yearned and yearned to express her dormant self. “Nemius, this place…” she went, “This, place is…” Nemius smiled, “Just as old as that inn that you worked at? Dear girl, I’ve never met a girl…Like you before. Perhaps you should step inside, before you judge a man’s abode? You are homeless, after all.” Nemius suddenly frowned at his own comment. “Y-your right…” Lueka sighed, “I am sorry for being so useless…” “No.” Nemius frowned woefully, “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to describe you as homeless. I shouldn’t have done that…Dear Lueka. Let me show you inside.” Nemius rested his arm around Lueka as they both entered the dark house. On the inside, the house held onto it’s ominous nature even more. Statuettes of skeleton warriors with shields stood in the halls, and the floor was littered with unknown crevasses; Lueka, frowned at everything in the place.

Soon after, Nemius and Lueka were both greeted with a woman; she wore an odd green garment with a veil, and fangs poked themselves from out of her mouth, as she spoke, “You…Bring in thralls?” she mindlessly moaned. “No!” Nemius snapped, “No! Nooo…” Nemius peered his eyes into the green hooded woman, “This one is mine, she is not a thrall for you.” “Nemius?” Lueka went, “Who is this woman?” “Every now and again,” Nemius began, “I throw masquerade parties, some of which involve…Others like my kind. Lueka frowned woefully, “I thought, that I would be the only one here…” she sighed. “You can be. Would it…Would it please you for me to kill this woman? I can kill her right here, right now if you wish?” Lueka’s eyes widened, “No! No it’s fine! I-I don’t mind, I-

“I can send her away? Kick her off of the premises if it please you?” Nemius frantically went. “No, no…I said I was fine. I’m fine, Nemius.” “I promise. I won’t ever leave you, without my protection…Lueka.” Lueka looked into Nemius’ eyes again, her eyes glittering with the longing that she had for him. “Now,” Nemius began, “This place serves as for one of my safe-houses.” Lueka looked around, And looked around, as she soaked in the house’s terrible presence over her…And yet at the same time, with her by Nemius’ side, not even the house seemed to steal away the warmth that she felt, whenever around him. “I promise, we won’t stay here long, only a couple days. Then, I promise I will show you the world.” Lueka only looked into Nemius’ eyes…She nodded her head, “…Okay Nemius.” Nemius led Lueka to a large, lavish dinner table, “This is the dinner room,” Nemius went, “Here is where we will have our meals.” Nemius paused strangely for a second; almost as if he were in some form of distress. He wobbled slightly, “Meals…I…” He then turned his head, to see the green veiled woman sitting at the table, “…Rules.” he quickly went, “I have…Rules here. Here I’ll get you and my guests better acquainted.” “This woman that you met earlier,” Nemius began, “Her name is Bale Vaulia. Bale, this is Lueka.” Lueka shyly waved her hand at Bale; Bale peered her piercing eyes into Lueka… “Bale, please stand now and shake me’lady Lueka’s hand.” Nemius sternly said. Bale stood, and gave a seductive smile, as she shook Lueka’s hand, “Your heart…Yearns for more..!” Bale went to Lueka. Lueka, trying her best to avoid eye-contect with her. “Now, there are rules here.”

Nemius stood with his back erect, “I welcome my guests in this house, as is my custom. Here, food, shelter, and hospitality are granted to you. You can find your food of your choosing…But my things, “Nemius began, “Are my things, and shall not be taken from me..! Are we understood?” “Yeeeeeeees…” Bale hissed. Nemius looked at Lueka, “Are we understood, me’lady Lueka?” Lueka nodded her head, “…Yes.” she went. Nemius let in a breath, then exhaled, “Good. I will show you to the upstairs, where you will be free to sleep, me’lady.” Nemius walked awkwardly, as though he were in some form of unseen distress again, he would pause, almost as if he had forgotten what he was doing…He then climbed up the stairs Lueka watched Nemius’ movements, she could sense that he was distraught by something, it was almost as if he was in pain. Nemius walked faster up the stairs, almost as if he had forgotten that Lueka was following him. “…Nemius? Are you, alright?” she said underneath of her breath, but her words were said too low for Nemius to hear. As he continued to climb up the stairs. Once upstairs, Nemius went down the hall, and opened the door to another room. The room had two comfortable beds with two stain glass windows to look out of. “This room is where you will sleep.” Nemius said. Lueka stood silent, trying to figure out what could be ailing Nemius, as she listened to him speak. “The beds are comfortable,” Nemius went, “I’ve tested them myself.”

Lueka almost gasped, as Nemius turned around. Nemius’ face had changed..! He was starting to look sickly and even more paler than he had ever looked before; he had terrible reddish rings around his eyes, and bruises all over his face! “Nemius…” Lueka said to him “You needn’t worry about anyone disturbing you, I…?” Nemius paused again, almost staring into space. “Are you alright?!” Lueka cried out. Lueka’s elevated voice almost startled Nemius, as he regained himself, “…You, must forgive me Lueka.” Nemius went, “I…Sometimes need to, refresh myself.I promise, I’m fine.” Lueka only stood, silent with worry for Nemius; his woeful expression as he looked away from her, worried her even still .”You’ll have to excuse me,” Nemius went, “I must be by myself, just for a second or so…I must find…Water.” Nemius’ woeful expression grew worse as he walked past her Lueka looked at her pale friend, as he went towards the balcony, and stared out into the distance. She heard Nemius whisper to himself, almost mindlessly as he peered out into space, “She is friend…” he went, “She is good friend… Must remember…She’s different.” Lueka could only make out one more broken sentence that Nemius had mumbled to himself, just before his mumbling grew too low and jumbled to be heard, “I…Blood…Soon, but…Not hers…Must not hers…” Lueka stood, wondering what it was, that her friend would seek to hide from her so strongly…


Copyrightcopyright December 23, 2014

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