The Wanderess- Part 1


Riku Bonnet awoke from her dreary slumber, “Hrrrrrm…” she groaned as she propped herself from out of bed, “…What time is it?” Riku went over to the drawer next to her bed, and quickly pulled out a rolled one, she lit it as she opened up the window blinds “Ghosts…!” she went, “I swear I hear ghosts here in this damned house!” “This place is haunted!” She mumbled, “I swear to God this place is haunted..!” She went down stairs, her soft feet causing the floor to creak as she walked herself across the cold hard ground, Riku frowned, “…He must be out again.” she said to herself, as she went downstairs. Riku’s ears adjusted to the watery splashes that hit the ground as she turned on the shower, and placed her joint on the side. She purred as her body was warmed by the water that coated over her. She closed her eyes and smiled, Riku turned the water off, and picked up her rollie. She adorned her travel apparel, placed her feet into a pair of boots. And went back upstairs.

“I gotta check how my plants are doing.” she grumbled over to herself. Riku hastefully wandered out the back door, There she was greeted with the wonderously curious smell of her growing marijuana plants. Riku tended to her special plants as if they were her offspring. Everyday she would go out to the back of her house, at least 12 times a day, just to take in their strong scent, and to make sure that no great and terrible beetles harm or destroy her plants. “Hmmm…” Riku purred, she smiled and smiled as the fumes poisoned her very mind. “Okay guys, let’s see what we have here.” she went. And so Riku tended. And tended…And tended, almost mindlessly. And then went back inside. Where she found that her husband had returned. She gave her husband, Valren Palamore a soft smile, then opened the blinds to the house “Say honey…” Valren went to her, “Were you, cooking something last night?” “It’s the damn house, hon.” Riku said, “It’s haunted.” “Dammit! Don’t say things like that!” Valren snapped, “We live here, you know? The last thing we need is a cursed house!” “…I need a drink.” Riku said. “Oh, you’re leaving?” Valren asked, “Well fine, sure. Go. Take some of my business cards with you, eh?”

Valren Palamore was a lawyer, he wore a business suit religiously, had his hair neatly laid, and wore round glasses; being a short of nononsense kind of man, he was almost a complete opposite of his wife in regards to dress. Riku was a tomboy, having short spiky hair that sometimes hung over her face, and loved to smoke al the time. Riku grunted as her body hit the outside’s cool air, “Wasn’t the sun out not too long ago?!” she cursed. Riku made her way to the Riverington Inn, the place near her house, where she played regularly. Riku barged into the old tavern, and approached the bar table, “Oh, why hello friend!” the bartender went to her. “Yeah.” Riku responded back. “Here to play that fiddle of your’s again? Ha ha ha!” Riku frowned her brows, trying her best to ignore the bartender’s comment, “Anything happen while I was gone?” Riku asked. “YES!” the bartender began, “You know that new girl? The one that always mopes around, and always sweeps in circles??? Well some strange pale guy in some fancy armor snatched her up, she was GONE..!””…The hell?” Riku frowned terribly, “She was only here for like, a second. I think this whole town is cursed!”

“Yeah! I think so too…” The bar keep went, “You know what..? I think the people here are cursed too! Maybe they’re all ghosts..!” “Yeah,” Riku began, “That’s…Just what I was thinking…Well, somebody’s gotta entertain these ghosts, I better get to doing what I do best.” Riku turned and walked to the middle of the tavern, and took out her lute And began…To play her song. Her muse flooded the air, just like her joint Her music warmed the bones, just like the shower she took Her song lifted in the air, and flowed out like a fog, all across the tavern She played and played, and played…Puffed, puffed, and puffed…And smoked, smoked, and smoked! All in the face of the old haunted town’s tavern she performed in.


Copyrightcopyright December 24, 2014

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