Change of Hearts-part 5


Nemius quickly went inside of his private quarters of solitude, and shut the door behind him. “There’s more blood….” Nemius stammered as he frantically began searching through his file cabinet, “There’s good blood!!! The good blood, there!” “The blood’s real! This will be good! Going…Insane, silencing with their faces..!” Nemius searched and searched as quickly as he could, until his cold hands felt hold of a small glass bottle “The blood…” Nemius whispered to himself, The bottle, was a decanter of human blood..! Nemius hastefully drank down it’s liquids. “Ahhhhhhhh…Good delicious, then silence…Then silence!” Nemius spun around, and made his way toward his desk as he rested himself over it “I don’t drink milk over here! I drink blood! And blood drinks down fast! Fast I said dammit! Careful…Careful..Careful…Careful…The blood will stop the advancing stages…Careful, me’lady…” Nemius suddenly began to let out a series of horrible laughters, as his whole body began to tighten from all over, his face had gotten even worse, as it bloated in terrible red blotches,”I don’t gobble down juice…” Nemius snickered,

“Blood is in the rags..! But I out smarted them! Hahahahahah! I made a damned FOOL out of death! The plague took my wife, did it not? Why but of course it did…But that was 2,000 years ago..! Shit! Helena, you LEFT ME DAMMIT!!! You SAID YOU WOULDN’T LEAVE ME! The plague KILLED again, didn’t it?! DIDN’T IT?! I couldn’t give you this gift fast enough…Now she’s gone! But you stole her away…Hahahahahahahaha! I still did it, though, I outsmarted a GOD! I made me! And ME. IS. ME! I am all the way over here, making ME happen baby! ALL OVER AGAIN! A single time! See? I MADE ME TO BE ME! You can take a man’s wife?! But I MADE ME! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME, TAKE ME, STEAL ME, DEFACE ME!!! ALL CAUSE OF ME, BABY! I, AM THE KING! OH HO! HO HO HO HO! I’m not no damnable Santa Clause…I’m ME DAMMIT! HA! HA! HAAAAAA! But I drink BLOOD! I DRINK BLOOD! I DRINK, DRINK, DRIIIIIIIIINK, AND STILL HAVEN’T CHANGED! I drink, I-…I?” Nemius stood in total silence, as the blood he had consumed, slowly began to return to him his sanity…”I…I made me. I…Made…Let it take effect. Let it…Take it, take it… In my veins. The blood will make me back to normal again…The gift,” Nemius went, “Is a curse…A curse…A curse…Why, oh why, did she die? She was so soon, she…Was too soon…” Nemius stood silent, yet surrounded by the very noise of darkness…



Copyrightcopyright December 26, 2014


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