Vagabond’s Wasteland-part 2


Vagabond’s wasteland is surrounded all around him, as he is without mercy… “Where is she?” Vagabond hissed to Cavish The Mindless. “Uhhhhhhhh…?” Cavish mindlessly went, “You APE-SHIT!!” Vagabond screamed at the top of his lungs. In the mist of Vagabond’s doing, Sulbie had once again escaped..! “No matter…I still got…That Reparizarn mistress. Minions! Go search for Sulbie. And…bring her adorable grace, to the torture chambers, when you find her…”We’ve…Got some good, good, good o’l work to do today…” Vagabond almost crackled with horrible laughter as he spoke, “We’ve gotta go get some…Friends to decorate the many, many, terribly many cages in my house!” Vagabond stood up from out of his throne, with a wicked grin spread horribly across his face “I told you we would be doing something really, really funny today! Today, we are going to raid a village…You know what that means!” All of Vagabond’s minions laughed with horrid laughter,
Vagabond stood with a score of his minions by his side. “Your orders, Vagabond?” Cavish went. “KILL THE GUARDS!” Vagabond yelled, “Take hostages for the center of town!”Vagabond’s minions screamed their battle cries as they began their assault! People cowarded and screamed like turkeys! As vagabond took his great and terrible axe…And begun to stain it with the blood of the village’s guards!
“No, no! Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! My children..!” a frantic woman was caught by Vagabond’s minions “Take this, bunny rabbit to the edge!” Vagabond went. Vagabond’s minions one-by-one began their killing spree of the guards, as the townsfolk, including a guard or two, were herded to the center of town, and bound. Cavish stood insidiously over everyone, brandishing a headsman’s axe..!

“No please, please don’t hurt me!” the frantic woman cried, “I just want to see my family! Please just let me go!”
“Vagabond, this guard thinks he’s tough! He called you a sissy over here!” “WHAT!?” Vagabond shouted, “Well, that little…Boy, is gunna pay horribly for that!”
“I ain’t scared to die!” the guard yelled, “I ain’t gunna go to my grave sniffling!” “No, but you’ll go to your grave, like a prick without his soul!” Vagabond gloated…Hearing the guard’s screams as he spilled his blood! Vagabond laughed again, as he spilled more blood; taking in all of the townsfolk’s screams!

“We’re…Gunna have a lot to eat, tonight! MUHAHAHAHAH! HA! HA! HA! HEHEHEH!” Vagabond laughed, when he suddenly began to listen as he heard the frantic woman’s sobbing… She sobbed and sobbed, and sobbed. Vagabond knelt down by the woman, trying to hold back his venomous smile “Nobody wants a sad bunny…” he crackled in her face. “Take the tied women, and spare little of those…Disgusting boys, yucky!” Vagabond’s henchmen began carrying out Vagabond’s orders. As soon as the village was filled of it’s people, it was made desolate, by the very hands of Vagabond the Collector…And his great and evil wasteland…


Copyrightcopyright December 27, 2014

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