Change of Hearts-part 6 (Lueka’s Dream)


Lueka rested with the night, as she laid in her slumber. Lueka’s worries about Nemius, would seem to slowly etch themselves away from her as she rested…But her rest was in distress, her questions and worries…Had indeed cruely followed her, into her dreams.
“Nemius….” She uttered under her breath…
“Nemius…Nemiiiiiiiius…” “There you are, I was looking all over for you…” “Hmm? You, are in need of me, me’lady?”
“Mhhmm! Yes. I am always in need of you… I… Couldn’t sleep. I kept dreaming about you. I’m always dreaming about you. Don’t you realize?”
“…Lueka, I don’t understand…”
“Mmmm, Nemius…So clueless. So innocent. So vulnerable…” Lueka then latched onto Nemius in an embrace..!
“Lueka..! What are you doing?”
“You’ve been trying so hard to hide me. To whisk me away from the world… Kiss me…Please…”
“No…” Nemius went as Lueka suddenly locked her lips with his “Wait…This is…!”
“You tried so hard to make me happy…”
“Your, making…A…Mistake..!
“Good. I am always making a mistake…” Nemius’ eyes began to glow a deep red “…But this one…I fear may kill you.” Everything around began to go blurry. A static noise echoed as loud as it could there was the imaginationing of a tall, terrible winged hulking creature peering over Lueka as she hid her face through the mist…And…The dream…Ended. Without cause or explanation. Lueka sat herself up, saddened, that it was all just a dream…


Copyrightcopyright December 28, 2014


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