Change of Hearts-Part 7


All of her questions took full cycle as they orbited around in her thoughts. The dream she had…Was it real? Was it really herself that she dreamt about? Was it even relevant to all of the things that was happening to her? Lueka made her way to the bathroom, She looked at her reflection in the mirror, the dream that she had still on her mind…”Oh, what ever is so wrong with me?” she said to herself. Lueka’s eyes slowly began to tear, as she stood in silence, yet her thoughts raced loudly in her head. Even as the shower’s waters hit upon her, All she could think about, was Nemius…And how he was making her smile, for the first time in her life…Her face began to blush uncontrollably, as she continued to contemplate to herself. Lueka wandered downstairs, looking for Nemius; she just had to tell him about the dream that she had. When she reached the bottom of the steps, she saw Nemius. “Oh! Nemius, you’re here?” Lueka went. “Good evening, me’lady…” Nemius smiled, as he slowly began to turn around. Just as soon as Nemius began to speak, Lueka almost instantly began to remember…Nemius’ face! What if he wasn’t like himself? Or what if…Nemius turned around. And greeted Lueka, with a entirely different look from yesterday. His skin was still pale…But his features were striking, his hair lay well-kept, his goatee clean cut…It was all a grand mixture of good features, opposite of what he looked like the day before.

Lueka almost began to wonder if yesterday, was a dream as well…As she smiled off to the side. “I had a dream about you…” Lueka began, “I…I dreamt that I, and you…Nemius, I…Dreamt that we…” Lueka’s bashful voice went low, as Nemius struggled to hear what she was saying, “I…Didn’t dream much. Just that we were…Together.”
“…Together me’lady?” Nemius went, “Like…How we are now?” “Mmmhm. I, can’t really remember how it ended…But I was, with you…I’m sorry to burden you with this.” Nemius smiled earnestly, “Heh, I suppose your dream may indeed be coming true…I wanted, to show you something…Uh, but that something is outside. Are you in need of a little fresh air?” “Oh Nemius,” Lueka went, “You don’t need to worry yourself about me, I’ll be fine…” “Nonsense!” Nemius said, “Dear Lueka. You must believe in more for yourself. Please, let me show you out of this, dark, dark, cruel place.” Lueka then followed Nemius, as he led her outside, the refreshing air of the outside flooded into Lueka’s nose and lungs, as she breathed it all in. “Nemius, I…”

“It’s a beautiful place, Lueka…The outside. And it’s even more beautiful, just before the sun dies down…” Nemius suddenly raced off for the gates to his house, “Care to join me, Lueka? Let’s desert this place!” “But wait!” Lueka cried out, “You…Wish to leave this place? But, where will we go?” “Away from this place!” Nemius giggled, “So far away my friend, I wished to show you off to the world! Suddenly, Nemius began to sprint away! “Wait! Nemius don’t leave me!” Lueka cried out, as she began to run after him. Nemius then stopped to turn around, giving his lonely manor one more last look. “Good bye to you.” Nemius went, “You deplorable pile of blood, brick, and mortar.” Nemius entered into a small woods, Lueka finally catching up with him, as they both started to walk. Nemius pointed off into the distance, There was a ported small ship, lonely from everything around it, “That small ship,” Nemius went, “Heh, heh, belongs to me.” Nemius stood silent, as he watched the ship almost flutter in the breeze. “I left this ship to float here amongst the coast…it’s been so long since it’s seen a woman…I figure that I use it, for old times sake.”Nemius set one foot up the steps to the vessel, then paused, as he looked back at Lueka, who was silently watching him, “Nemius…The house? Does this mean?” “Yes, Lueka the day that I show you the world…Is today. I really want to show you this.” “But Nemius I-

“Come aboard Lueka, let me show you the world…” Lueka stood silent, her thoughts racing around in her head. “…Please, me’lady.” Nemius’ eyes stared longingly into Lueka’s eyes; it wasn’t an intimidating look, it wasn’t a piercing gaze…It was just a longing look, that seemed to communicate through the wet in his eyes…Lueka, climbed aboard, with the same look in her eyes. Nemius said nothing, only smiled. “…There, me’lady…” he whispered. “Nemius, the sea is…” Nemius waited silently for Lueka to finish her words, “It’s…Beautiful!”

Nemius smiled, he gently walked past Lueka, smiling to himself as he did. He stood as he looked out to sea. His flowing hair fluttering in the breeze. Lueka could tell that Nemius, was thinking about things, but was unsure of what. Was he thinking about her? Lueka’s questions raced around all within side of her, as she was almost fit to burst.”Nemius…Turn around, please…” As Nemius turned around, Lueka stared off, lowering her head; her face was slowly beginning to blush again, the more she tried to speak. Nemius frowned woefully, “What troubles you, Lueka?” he asked.”I…I am not a happy person. I mean I’m, S-sorry. I’m…”
Lueka paused to try and find her words…”You’ve been, so kind to me, and…And I just, I…Never, knew friends, I Just, What I’m trying to say is, I haven’t been treated this kind before, and I…Love you for it..!”Lueka paused…Then looked into Nemius’ eyes, as she drew in closer…And closer to him, “I had this dream, and I just..Wanted to see if it’s true…”Lueka wrapped her trembling arms around Nemius, as she drew into his embrace. Nemius was almost startled by Lueka, as she began to kiss him through his lips…”…Lueka…” Nemius whispered as he felt Lueka’s warmth Just like Lueka, he pondered for what words to say…But as he drew in, to kiss her back, His worries, thoughts, and queries, evaporated, “Lueka…” Nemius spoke, ” My dear… I will make you whole, again…”


Copyrightcopyright December 30, 2014

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