The Red Legion-Part 1


There is a great and powerful legion, slowly consuming the Earth, within destruction and power. The power of the Imperialist’s Red Legion, is spreading it’s influence like a plague come to devour it’s people..! With the fellow blood elf woman known only as, Clavisca, at the center head of it all…”Make sure you make thick sword to be gleamy, shield brother…” Clavisca went to her blacksmith, her Russian accent and broken english making her voice stand apart from all of the rest. The legionary gave no response, “I SAID, make sure that sword to be made GLEAMY, shield brother!” Clavisca shouted. “Oh, y-yes commander!” the legionary went. Clavisca motioned for the other centurions to follow after her, “Come, follow after leader…” she said to them. Clavisca stood in the middle of the fort, for all of the soldiers to hear her… “There is good power over us!” she began, “We like what we see here! This day, as our foolish, puny, Weak, disgusting, FAT! BORING…Profligate enemies try to rise against us…WE HOLD POWER STILL, LIKE NO OTHER!!! Clavisca the Legion, is still here today with you all!”

“The blood moon of Mars, guide you, all powerful one.” One of Clavisca’s legionaries said. Suddenly, without any warning, Clavisca dashed with all haste, and perched herself upon a nearby chest, her somewhat animated movements switching with her balance, “WE ARE CLAVISCA!” she yelled aloud, “WE ARE ALWAYS CLAVISCA! Clavisca likes…WHAT. SHE. SEES! NO…She…LOVES! WHAT. SHE. SEES! We will crush what dare challenge us!” Clavisca continued to shout, “Smash up puny , little, worm castles!” Clavisca then stepped off of the chest, continuing to yell as loud as her voicebox could yell, “Our name is Clavisca the Legion! I am nobody’s footstool! I am ME! And me is we! And we are Clavisca!”Horaaaay for Clavisca!” Clavisca suddenly began to clap, and…Clap! “Oh what tiny little village we conquer..!” she gloated. Clavisca then walked back into the middle of the courtyard again, maintaining a wicked grin as ginormous as her terrible face! “We follow your command, Imperator queen.” one of the legionaries went. The Red Legion was a legion mainly consisting of orcbacks, of whom have dedicated their life to maintaining the Imperial’s control over all of the land. “See?” Clavisca pointed at a small group of traitor rebels that were bound, and knelt onto the ground. “SEE THEM!? We don’t like them! We only like CLAVISCA! Not treacherous DOGS!!! We have enemies that must be destroyed…Traitors that must be slain! We, Clavisca, order all enemies to die! And die they shall, heheheheh!”
“Do it.” one of the traitors went, “Do what you came here to do. I’m not afraid to die…”

“Silence your words, traitor!” a legionary yelled at the bound woman, “Clavisca speaks!” Clavisca unsheathed her sword..! “Yes, we speaks…And soon, while I slaughter all of your friends, The Red Legion and me, shall be the only one who speaks!”…But don’t worry. For I, CLAVISCA, shall make certain that before you is made killed, you, speak too!” Clavisca sheathed her sword, “Now, pay tribute…For cause The Red Legion…AHAHAHAHAHAH! Is rising! HA! SO SAYETH…ME! FOOOOOEVER!” Aha, aha ha! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Clavisca laughed and laughed, until her very voice drowned out her captive traitor’s cries!


Copyrightcopyright January 1, 2015


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